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OMG! A Paint And Wine Class Is FINALLY Happening On The Coast And We’re Thrilled!

By Caity Stone
22nd May 2018


Is there anything better than that glorious feeling you get after making something yourself? Truth is, there IS. Nothing could POSSIBLY beat creating a work of art with your fave humans in tow while you nurse a glass of wine. Now, THAT’S the best feeling in the world. 

And that’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Paint & Sip has finally arrived on the Sunshine Coast! This is such big news we can barely contain our excitement! (Can't you tell?)

That's right, if you've got a love for wine and all things creative then this is the night out for you. The folks over at The Art Hub are hosting a fun night out where you can get creative while sipping on some fine wine. Sounds like perfection, doesn't it?

And the best news yet is there are only two things you’ll need to bring to this class: a bottle of wine and a can-do attitude (and you’ve most likely already acquired one of them). Also guys, please don't dress to impress because drinking plus painting equals one big old mess. And don't worry, no artistic talent is really necessary. That's what the alcohol is for. It's also there so you think your work of art is an absolute masterpiece (until you see it the next morning, that it). Eeep! 

The Art Hub’s new Paint & Sip night is the perfect opportunity for you to free your mind and help you chillax a little bit. (Or maybe a lot.)  And if it really does turn out absolutely incomprehensible, we got you. Just say you went for a Picasso vibe. You know, abstract. Open for interpretation. That's what art is all about, after all peeps. 

The Details

What: Jungle Serenity—Paint & Sip Night
Where: The Art Hub Sunshine Coast, 19B-11 Bulcock Street, Caloundra
When: Saturday 26 May; 7pm till 9.30pm 
For more information check here. 

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Image credit: The Art Hub 

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