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PSA: Netflix’s The Sinner Is Your Next Bingefest

By Simone Jovel
22nd Nov 2017


Forgive us father for we have binged.

Let’s all stop for a moment and remember those dark days when we were drip-fed one episode of our current obsession. Week by awful week. We know, what even was life back then?

Luckily for all of us, we’re kicking back in 2017 and the dark days of 8.30pm timeslots are behind us—introducing The Sinner, the latest Netflix binge guaranteed to fill the Stranger Things-shaped hole in errryone’s heart. 

I’ll admit I was a non-believer when it came to the sheer superpowers of Jessica Biel, I don’t blame you if you’re reading this with one hooked eyebrow but stick with me. Biel is the EP and star of this latest Netflix creation, that’s part terrifying, part legit WTF is going on. And the best part—it’s guaranteed to have you muttering to no one but your screen that you can, in fact, continue watching at 2am on a Tuesday #ThatNetflixLife.

Biel plays mother of one Cora Tannetti who is haunted by her past and commits an unspeakably violent crime. Mix in drugs, religion, and relationships, and each episode will have you delving deeper into Cora’s past and trust me when I say, it’ll take you to some pretty ridiculous places.

Cancel all of your plans.

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Image credit: Netflix

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