Rice Burgers Exist & They’re Everything We Never Knew We Wanted

By Claire Plush
20th Sep 2017

rice burgers

Whaddya get when you mix a burger with Japanese food? We’ve got two words for you—rice burgers! We’ll let that settle in for a sec. 

Okay, now we’re going to up that happy feeling your experiencing right now to a whole ‘nother level, by letting you in on a little sumthin’ sumthin’ we’ve just uncovered. So, not only are rice burgers an actual edible thing, but they exist on the Sunshine Coast and we’re a tad beside ourselves, because yummmmm.

Brought to our bellies by Lazy Rabbit, a Japanese restaurant in Flaxton, these handfuls of deliciousness look as good as they taste. The buns are made with rice and potato starch and are pan roasted, before being basted in a housemade finger-licking teriyaki sauce. 

Then, and this is where it gets tricky, you need to choose your burger filling. On the rice burger menu are teriyaki chicken, sukiyaki beef, slabs of fresh swordfish and tempura veggies, so if you know what’s good for your tastebuds, you’ll visit on an empty stomach and try a couple of combos. 

Available every single damn day that Lazy Rabbit are open (closed Mondays and Tuesdays), if you need a reason to ditch the beach and head for the hills, rice burgers are it! 

Image credit: Lazy Rabbit

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