Guys, It Might Snow On The Sunshine Coast This Weekend!

By Rachel Lay
23rd Jun 2016

Get your mittens out people, there’s snow on the horizon.

An arctic front is set to hit Australia this weekend with snow, hail, and chilly winds making their way up as far north as Queensland. Finally, a snow day may be a legitimate reason to chuck a sickie, Sunshine Coasters!

So where’s it going to snow? According to reports, a cold front will sweep up from South Australia through Victoria and New South Wales before making its way to southern Queensland.

There’s going to be hail, thunderstorms, rain, snow, and all kinds of freaky weather across the great south east. Winter is (finally) coming! The mercury is set to drop below -3 in some parts of Queensland, including the Granite Belt area. Time to light the fire and pull out the red wine. Across the Sunshine Coast we can expect temperatures to sit at around 7 degrees, with Maleny get a little bit chillier with a minimum of 4 degrees—yiiikess! The poor folk up at Gympie, can expect it to get down to 2 degrees. We do not lie!

Apart from fretting about frostbite, there’s plenty of stuff to do on Sunshine Coast when the mercury sits below our usual 25. Here’s our guide to coping in the cold.

How To Survive The Cold Front:

Image Credit: Gary Pepper Girl

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