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The Sunshine Coast’s Craziest Food Mashups

By Trixie Hillen
12th Jun 2016

Here at Metropolist, our food philosophy is simple—if it tastes good, do it.

Ignore the rules and go your own way, baby. You want bacon in your milkshake? Put it in there, champ. You’re sick of the limitations around savoury pizza toppings? Serve up a dessert pizza! You’ve got people telling you that you can’t mix n match different cuisines? Don’t let those haters keep you down!

So here’s a round up of the best food mash-ups you’ll find anywhere on the Coast!

Slider-topped double Bloody Mary | Izba Espresso

It’s the morning after the night before, and you need fuel. Now. You also need hair of the dog. Stat! And if you can get them both in the one serve, so much the better. Izba Espresso’s Helen of Troy (pictured) is a revelation—double Bloody Mary (because a single just ain’t gonna cut it!) with a bacon and egg slider ON TOP! Plus a sausage and some salami for good measure. Carbs, fat, booze, and general deliciousness all in one. For 25 bucks, it’s unbeatable.

ALL the mash-ups | Goodbar

Goodbar is always a reliable option for food mashups—their American-style comfort food menu combines things that might be unexpected, but ALWAYS serve up A+ results. Bacon and pancakes is hardly new, but bacon IN pancakes? OMG what a revelation! And that’s on top of a chicken fried steak and bacon burger on waffle (!) buns, and hot dawgs (minus the weiner) loaded with octopus, spring onion, and a chilli garlic balsamic reduction. Get in there you good thing!

Kimchi Loaded Fries | Junk.

One of my favourite items at one of my favourite Sunny Coast eating spots is no longer on the regular menu *sob*, but I’ve got it on good authority that if you pop by Junk. and check the specials menu, you might just find this epic mashup of the best of Western snacks, and Korea’s favourite condiment. Groundbreaking Exec Chef Mitchell Smith tops fries with cheesy sauce, and housemade, knock-your-socks-off kimchi. I promise it’s like nothing you’ve ever tried before.

Maple Bacon Shake | Five and Dime

When I was a kid, milkshakes came in three flavours. Chocolate, strawberry, and caramel. With a scoop of malt powder if you were somewhere a bit posh. Well, choices have broadened pretty significantly since the 80s, and Five and Dime have stepped up the milkshake game even further. And if a classic milkshake doesn’t float your boat, try a spectacularly mashed up Maple Bacon Shake, with creamy Maleny milk, icecream, and whipped cream.

Concretes | Betty’s Burgers

If we’re talking about mashups, we can’t go past the concretes at Betty’s Burgers. Concretes are creamy, frozen custard icecreams, but the best bit is, you can literally mash up your flavours. Anything you can imagine gets mixed into the concrete—peanut butter cups, Persian fairy floss, cookie dough apple pie, and choc-coated espresso beans. What’s your favourite combo?

Dessert Pizza | Nook and Cranny

Pizza has come a long way from its origins in Naples. Pretty much every pizza place on the Coast mixes up cultures by topping them with tandoori chicken, Peking duck, or bacon and egg. But for the ultimate pizza mashup, Nook and Cranny in Nambour top their pizzas with dessert. Caramelized pear and almond if you’re feeling a bit grown up, or milk chocolate and marshmallow if you want to relive your childhood.

Banana Bread Pancakes with Bacon | Beau’s

Brekkie decisions can be hard—light fluffy pancakes? Or dense, sticky banana bread? Beau’s takes ALL the hard work out of your decision-making by mixing up the ultimate brekkie—banana bread pancakes. Served with caramelised banana and maple mascarpone, we suggest you order a side of nitrite-free bacon to top it off.

Dorito Burrito | Taps

Pouring your own craft beer straight from the tap is hard work. And for work like that, you need sustenance. For example, a Dorito Burrito gives you the energy from a spicy beef and bean burrito, with the added strength you get from crunchy Doritos. And a Mars Bar spring roll provides an essential energy burst of chocolate and caramel, in crispy filo. This should totally give you enough fuel to help you work through the arduous task of pouring the ales, lagers, porters, and ciders on offer at Taps Mooloolaba. You’re welcome.

Image Credit: Claire Plush

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