Looking For Things To Do In Noosa? Stop The Search!

By Claire Plush
20th May 2016

Planned a weekend in Noosa but haven’t figured out what you’re gonna do while you’re there?

Far out Brussel sprout! That’s a bit risk-ay, dontcha think? Not really though, ‘cause it’s Noosa and well, where there’s a “Noosa”, there’s a way. Or something.

Anyhoo, we’ve rounded up a list of our latest Noosa stories for you to check out, to help you get up to speed on what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s got to be added to your list of things to do in Noosa. Because, let’s face it, wandering ‘round like a blind ol’ wombat is fun for like five minutes and then the h-angriness kicks in and you’re royally screwed.

So, without further ado, the ultimate hitlist of the best things to do in Noosa, in clickable links.


Mmmm… coffee
The perfect start to a perfect day begins with coffee. Am I right or am I right? There’s a heap of Noosa coffee joints about the place but we’ve pulled together five of our faves for your drinking pleasure. Surely, sipping on a hot cup of joe is one of the best things to do in Noosa, no?

AM Feeds
Breakfast is our fave meal of the day. And because we feel that way, we’ve also undoubtedly got a handful of brekkies we put above the rest. Enter: eight of the best breakfasts in Noosa. Scrap that it says 2015 in the title, as far as we’re concerned they’re still as tasty as ever in 2016.

This Noosa Junction corner haunt delivers the goods from the kitchen to your table from AM to PM. Opening in late 2015, Padstows is the spot to go if you’re with a bigger group where dinner is likely to turn into drinks and then… more drinks.

For Whisky Lovers
You’ve got to try this new-ish spot for a dash or glass of whisky and some seriously impressive modern Australian-with-a-French-flair cuisine. You can have it all at Whisky Boy.

Check Out Padre Coffee
Super new, Padre Coffee hails from Melbourne but has found new digs in Noosa’s industrial estate. This roaster slash café slash coffee school has to be seen IRL to be appreciated. Clean, mean, and plenty of coffee machines. Wink.

Cocktails + Boating = Catalina
Ummm… cocktails and sunset views on a boat? Nobody in their right (or left) mind would bypass a peek at the fresh refurb MV Catalina has had. Sunday sessions on the water—this is what we live for. And yeah, we rate this as one of the best things to do in Noosa without a doubt!

Pizza Please!
Pizzzzza! We love it, you love it, everybody loves it. So when this newcomer opened on Hastings Street, there were squeals, and then a lot of verbal diarrhoea that consisted of “ohhhhh my gawd” “how goooood is this pizzzzza?” “holy s**t”… you get the point. But really, could you expect any less when El Capitano piles toppings on an organic, 72-hour fermented base. Come to me, mama!

The Fattest Feeds
There’s feeds. And then there’s fat feeds. Naturally, we prefer the latter. If you’re like us, then check out seven of the fattest feeds in Noosa. Perfect for banishing those booze-y blues the day after a big night out.

For Drinks
Lunch done and dusted? The only way to finish the day off is to debrief about how tasty the food was over a craft beer or a cocktail. We know it’s just about winter, but these Noosa bars do their thang all year long.

Top Of The Lot
They wouldn’t be the best restaurants in Noosa if they weren’t packed. Always. And unfortunately, this time around, most of these Noosa hotspots are part of the festival so booking a table may be a little tough. You know what they say though? Where there’s a will there’s a way.


Get Yo’ Brows Did
Because eyes are the windows to the soul and so brows must be the drapes, which we know can totally make or break said windows. Girls, get to Noosa Brow Co. We’re still singin’ their praises.

Find Your Zen
Need to balance out your food and wine schmoozing with a few sun salutations? Fancy that, we’ve rounded up where you can do the best yoga in Noosa. Or check out this stunning pilates studio, complete with views of Noosa River.


30 More Things To Do In Noosa
Because sometimes, you just need something else to pass the time. So here’s a list of 30 more things to do in Noosa.

Explore Noosa Hinterland
There's more to Noosa than beautiful beaches, so jump in the car, pull up this list of things to do in the other hinterland,  and get exploring.


To Help You Understand The Local Lingo
If you’re not from here, then you may need a translator. Or better yet, this article. It’ll help you decipher exactly what that long-haired dude with the mal under his arm just said.

Know of even more things to do in Noosa? Drop us a line at

Image Credits: Ariana Gillrie, Daniel Hine, and Claire Plush for Metropolist, Kat Harding and Catalina.

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