Got Cash To Burn? Here's 7 Unforgettable Ways To Spend It!

By Claire Plush
2nd Nov 2016

Somehow, you’ve made it to the end of the month with cash in your kitty.

Rather than save it for a rainy day or add it to that car loan, which you should probably do, what if you took the money and laid it down on one of these totally awesome experiences instead? The fact that you haven’t blown all of your money in 30 days is an occasion to celebrate, right? Right!

That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of awesome things to do on the Sunshine Coast—perfect for treating you and your mates when you’re sitting pretty.

Degustation At Spice Bar

Grab your lover and treat them to a very special night out with a booking at Spice Bar. But that’s not all. Order the 10-course degustation ($90 per person) and feast on a steady stream of incredible small plates, large plates and desserts, while you ogle at each other. It’s not a cheap date, but it’s totally worth it to dine at one of the best restaurants in Mooloolaba.

Snag An Epic Airbnb And Round Up All Your Friends

This is one of our personal faves—book an epic house with plenty of rooms and stunning ocean views, and call up your people to fill it out. A weekend of bonding, boozing and eating is just what the life doctor ordered, and who are YOU to deny yourself of all that fun? It’ll be a once-in-a-lifetime staycation, especially if you snag one of these Sunshine Coast beach pads.

Get High Above The Sunshine Coast

Before you even say it, this flight will rival any views you get when landing at the Sunshine Coast Airport from your weekend away in Sydney. Free up half a day, and head down to Caboolture Airfield. Here, you’ll jump aboard a helicopter with your partner in crime and cruise the skies for an hour. Starting at the northern tip of Bribie, you’ll trace Caloundra’s sandy patches before heading to Noosa Heads, and then returning to land via the Glass House Mountains. If you think you’ve seen everywhere on the Coast, this round-the-Coast trip will tell you otherwise. It’s a bit steep at $450 per person for two people, but if you bring along a third wheel, the price drops to $375 each. Boom!

Cooking Class At Wasabi

So there’s cooking classes, and then there’s cooking classes conducted by one of the best restaurants in Queensland, if not Australia. And we’re talking about the latter. If you’ve got money to burn but no-one who’s free to spend it with you (what fools!), then joining a class at Wasabi’s very own cooking school, The Cooking School Noosa could be just the thing. Spread lavishly over a whole day, you’ll learn some serious kitchen skillz and get to eat everything you create, complete with paired beverages. We could keep going and going and going. Oh wait, we already did!

Like Beer? Book A Customised Craft Brewery Hop

This is an idea we wish we had come up with ourselves. You take your pick from a range of local craft breweries, wineries, or restaurants, and Sunshine Coast Craft Beer Tours will take you and up to nine of your fave drinking buddies on the food and booze tour of your life. Yep, no singling out poor Matty boy to be the designated driver, ‘cause you’re paying someone to do it for you. Prices start at $200 per person with all the trimmings—beer, beer, food, and more beer—included.

Hire A Houseboat

If you love being on the water, this is a big step up from renting a holiday house. Because, it’s ON WATER. Duh! Float along the Noosa River in a super deluxe houseboat and in between bombing off the side of the boat, you’ll get to lounge on the rear deck, cook up a barbecue (with all the fish you just caught, of course), and basically live the high life complete for a coupla days. The Cruisecat fits five to seven people and comes in at under $1500 for a weekend in the mid-season, which we reckon is a bit of a steal.

Throw A Party And Invite Wilson

Alright, so we’ve just started our love affair with Wilson and because it’s really fresh, we’re really, REALLY into him. I mean just take a look! Who wouldn’t be into a pop-up bar that oozes style like this guy? So, we put it to you to throw a fun “hello summer” party and call up Wilson to take care of keeping everybody high on tipples. Don’t pretend you’re not totally into this idea. Want to add another, more food-focused van to the shindig? Check out the food trucks we can’t get enough of.

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Image Credit: Oracle Fox and The Urban List

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