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Trend Alert | The New Health Drink Everyone's Talkin' About

By Claire Plush
20th Mar 2016

Every new drink has its moment. And right now, that baton has been passed to the turmeric latte. Never heard of it? Don’t freak out, we’re going to get you up to speed. Fast.

So there’s this new drink called a turmeric latte. And, it’s pretty much a curry in a mug. No, not really, but don’t tell us that’s not what flashed into your mind when you heard “turmeric”.

Basically, this yellowy-orange Indian spice that has a multitude of magic powers—anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, antioxidant—has been turned into a drinkable form, minus the “I wanna puke feels” you’d expect.

Surprisingly, like, really surprisingly, it’s freakin’ delicious. It’s insane what a dash of cinnamon, a hint of ginger, and a really generous pour of almond milk can create. Plus, you’re doing something for your health, which has gotta make you feel good.

So, if you want to swap up your regular drink program, below we’ve listed where you can taste the soothing flavours of your very first turmeric latte on the Sunshine Coast. And once you’ve experienced how it’s supposed to taste, we dare you to hit the markets, stock up on some turmeric and then make your own batch of goodness at home. You in?

Best cafes on the Sunshine Coast serving up a mean turmeric latte:

CK Wholefoods | Mooloolaba

The Silva Spoon | Cotton Tree

Live Foods Café | Maleny

Raw Energy | Selected stores across the Coast

Do you know of somewhere else that serves a mean turmeric latte? Tell us! We’re on a tasting mission. Starting from… now!

Image Credit: Daniel Hine

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