Uber Sunshine Coast Is Here!

By Claire Plush
23rd Nov 2015

Well, well, well look who has made it to the Sunshine Coast! Today is the day that you stop your sneaky “just-under-the limit” drives from your mate’s backyard birthday bash to home.

There’ll be no more turning down a night of bar-hopping in Maroochydore ‘cause that taxi ride back up the range just isn’t worth splurging your weekly savings on. Nuh-uh!

Because…drum roll, please… Uber Sunshine Coast is here! Yep, the Sunny Coast has caught up with BrisVegas and the Goldy (and *cough* the rest of the world), and we’re more than a little stoked about it.

Shout it from the mountains or your balcony or outside the bar whilst you’re waiting for your ride to arrive, we’re all about celebrating our newfound freedom. Dinner in Caloundra then drinks in Mooloolaba? Why not! Oh, now you want to go see what’s happening in Noosa? Sure thing! See what we mean? Total. Freedom.

Just download the app, touch a button, and you’ve pretty much got yourself an instant chauffeur for way less than a taxi ride.

Will you be testing out Uber on the Sunshine Coast? All the fun kicks off today, so you’ll a smorgasbords of designated drivers at your fingertips (literally) when the festive season comes around.

Sign up to Uber here from 12pm today, and enter the promo code: UBERMETROPOLIST to get your first ride free (up to $25 off!) on the Sunshine Coast.

Image Credit: PopSugar

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