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Urban Garden Opens In Nambour

By Claire Plush
23rd Feb 2016

Big deals on the Sunshine Coast? Good waves, spotting K-Rudd knocking back shots, finding night hubs that don’t close before 10pm, and Urban Garden opening in Nambour.

Yep, you heard right. One of our favourite Maroochydore cafes, Urban Garden has thrown open its doors to a second location, and it’s in Nambour. Whatever side of the Nambour fence you sit on, lovers or haters, you’ve got to admit that this is pretty epic news, if not for you, then for your urban, coffee-drinkin’ Nambour compadres.

Steering the new espresso bar is owner Ty Chapman. This Sunny Coast dude has kind of come full circle with Nambour, having originally kicked off Urban Garden with a coffee cart at Nambour Train Station a couple of years ago. From there it was onto bigger things where, along with his interior designer wife Hannah, Urban Garden found its place in Maroochydore in the Old Courthouse.

The success of that move was huge, and we weren’t the only ones to fall for the café’s consistent coffee and toast-yourself bagel bar. But, and this is a big “but”, it’s a totally different vibe at the brand-spanking new flagship store in Nambour. Which is why you gotta go check it out!

Super spacious and combining the sexiest materials alive (copper, concrete, and wood), Ty along with a clique of local creatives (including local furniture designers Tessellate) have kitted out Urban Garden with custom-made furniture (that you’ll eventually be able to buy) and a super sleek fit out where the coffee process is the star of the show—front and centre.

Not one to conform, Urban Garden at Nambour has done something that other cafes would consider risky, crazy, maybe even totally careless.

Not one to conform, Urban Garden at Nambour has done something that other cafes would consider risky, crazy, maybe even totally careless. They’ve created a viewing platform behind the coffee workspace, so you can see everything (and we mean everything) that goes on behind the scenes. Actually, let’s rephrase that. There is no behind-the-scenes at Urban Garden. There’s also no shortcutting. Which means every single drop of the good stuff that you drink will have been ground purposefully for you drink, weighed, and then poured with precision. You just wait ‘til you taste the difference!

We should probably also mention that the taste difference may also be in the blend, with Urban Garden being the first to partner with new coffee brand Divide, and owner Ty having helped out in the 6-month creation process. So, if you want to try a coffee that cannot be found anywhere else—not even at Urban Garden in Maroochydore—then you know where to head.

And for those days when the humidity is making your life rather shit, these guys are getting hooked up with Tea Drop iced tea, sparkling water and… drumroll, please…nitro cold brew. ON TAP, PEOPLE. Give it three weeks and you’ll be able to get a coldy (coffee) poured at 7am. Feels a bit naughty, but it’s not.

For all that Urban Garden is good for—coffee, epic service, awesome interiors—the thing we most admire is their focus on showcasing passion in all its forms, in the hope that other people are inspired to follow theirs.

With only three days under their Nambour belt, the only way to keep up with all the big things happening (pssst, it may include, okay, it does include food trucks and latte art smackdowns), is by following Urban Garden on Facebook. So jump to it, or accept that FOMO may become a regular thing.

Where: Bury Street, Nambour

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Image Credit: Claire Plush

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