Pssst! Village Bicycle Is Moving To An Epic New Location!

By Claire Plush
14th Oct 2016

If you’re a diehard Village Bicycle fan, this news may not be surprising.

After all, the battle with the council to allow one of the best bars in Noosa to stay open ‘til 12pm, seven days a week, has been on the local community’s radar for months. Add to that, anybody who gathers at Village Bicycle for a drink or a taco must be seated at all times (like, ALL times), and it was a whole heap of rules that’ve finally pushed owners, Luke and Trevor, over the edge.

But, never fear! It’s a good edge. Like in the land before time when the little cute dinosaurs reach the edge of a cliff and look down upon the holy grail that is the Great Valley. The new Village Bicycle is that valley. Live music, 12am finishes EVERY night, parties—all the things the old place couldn’t accommodate, the new one can.

Come early December, Village Bicycle will be packing up and moving to another Noosa Junction location. Gasp! We know, it’s a big deal.

Nabbing the keys to the new premises only a couple of weeks ago, it’s been all hands on deck creating a new fitout for the space. A couple of days ago, Metropolist was lucky enough to get a walk-through, and whilst the reno is still in its early stages, we know in our waters that it’s going to be epic. I mean, how could it not be?

Divided into three amazing spaces, there’ll be an outdoor area for the people-watchers who like to perch at the custom-made bars overlooking the street, an intimate indoor space (complete with a giant booth) much like the Village Bicycle we all know and love, and… what we consider the crème de la crème of the new VB… a beer garden out back. There’ll be astro turf, festoon lighting, a 10ft shipping container housing rotating brews on tap, picnic tables, and that’s without even going into the deets about the parties that’ll be popping up on the regular. Are you guys excited? ‘Cos we ARE!

We’re keeping tabs on the boys, so as soon there’s more news and an opening date is locked in, we’ll let you know! And if you’re wondering what’s going to slip in where the current Village Bicycle sits, well, Luke and Trevor aren’t going to let their corner posi go that easy. We’ll give you a one-word hint: Cholos. You figure out the rest.

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Image Credit: Daniel Hine for Metropolist

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