Vote Now! Who Does The Best Pizza On The Sunshine Coast?

By Claire Plush
5th Aug 2016

If you don’t like pizza, you’re not human.

For something made of so few ingredients, you’d think it would be easy to nail, right? Bad pizza has no place in this world nor in our mouths, and we’ll be damned if we waste another calorie on a sub-par crust or shoddy tom to cheese ratio.

Which is why we need your help. It’s been a while since we rounded up the best pizza joints on the Coast, and with so many nooks and crannies across the region, we think it’s high time we hand the voting rights over to you, our dear Metropolist readers.

Tell us, who does the best pizza on the Sunshine Coast? No, we’re not talking about yo’ mama’s or Uncle George’s (although we’d love an invite, next time). We want to know about the restaurants, the cafes, and the takeaway joints that make the tastiest pizza you’ve ever eaten.

In our stomachs, there’s no business like pizza business, so go on and give your fave pizza pros a vote. Then, next month, we’ll unveil the top 10 spots on the Sunny Coast to grab a pizza—as voted by you.

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Image Credit: Ariana Gillrie

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