We Reveal Your Perfect Dog Breed Based On Your Star Sign

By Olivia Atkinson
13th Sep 2017

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The time has come to combine our extensive astrology insight and our favourite furry friends. That’s right, people—your perfect dog breed and the day you were born are totally, definitely linked. Some signs are suited to pooches who push them out of their comfort zone, while others need a pup that will fit seamlessly into their current way of doing things. What end of the spectrum are you? Read on and all will be revealed.

Here is the perfect dog breed based on your star sign. It’s legit.

Perfect dog breed: German Shepard

As a strong-willed, energetic individual, you need a pup that can keep up with you. These gorgeous dogs will love you to death and also match your fiery, adventurous spirit. Plus, they’re frickin’ cute. Since you’re someone who doesn’t like to delve into their emotional side, a German Shepard will help you tap into the softer aspects of your personality.

Perfect dog breed: Retrievers  

Taurean, get yo’self a Retriever. You’re one of the most loyal, honest and devoted of the astrological bunch, but also have a deep-rooted practical nature. You need a canine that will fit seamlessly into your life. Unobedient doggies who need ALL the training are off the cards here, making retrievers an ideal match. These loving, easy-going pooches have the kindest hearts and will be the perfect family dog for when you finally decide to settle down and make bubbas.

Perfect dog breed: Corgi

Getting a dog is a huge decision for a Gemini. You guys have a tendency to tire of things easily and need to engage in activities that keep things interesting. After all, no sign believes that variety is the spice of life more than Gemini. Pro tip: get a Corgi. These furry bundles of joy are always keen to hop in the car and explore, and will never leave your side.

Perfect dog breed: Italian Greyhound

You’re the mama bear of the zodiac and just want to be able to nurture, love and care for those around you. Italian Greyhounds are all about that, too. These sweet, sensitive pups will love you to bits and will always be down for cuddles and Netflix on the couch. They’ve also got an energetic streak, which will get you out of the house and socialising with other doggy owners.

Perfect dog breed: Bulldogs

You’re a fearless, confident human who may think that they don’t need no dog. But you really do. A bulldog in particular. Like you, bully breeds are charmers who keep life light-hearted and fun. Whether it's a Frenchie, English, American or Boxer, a bulldog needs a strong, takes-no-shit master, and that’s exactly what you are. Side note: a bulldog could also do wonders for your dating life—no one can resist them, so simple daily walks might just turn into potential relationship encounters. Reow.

Perfect dog breed: Beagles

You’re a sucker for perfection, and these gentle pooches will remind you that things can’t always be smooth sailing. Beagles might play up from time to time but they also won’t cling to you too much and don’t mind having alone time, giving you space to smash your goals. Heck, they might even help you do so. Like you, they’re pros at figuring stuff out, making them your perfect problem-solving companion. Better yet, they’ll help you get out of your head and stop you from over analysing every little detail. Their cuddles aren’t too shabby either.

Perfect dog breed: Spaniels

Spaniels might be a bit spazzy, but they’ll bring a fun-lovin’ aspect to a Libran’s life. They’ll bring a beautiful balance into your world (something your sign craves), allowing you to be social but also have your down time. Much like Librans, spaniels are people-pleasers and will go with the flow. They’ve also got a lot of energy to burn, helping you dive into nature and breathe.

Perfect dog breed: Terriers

Scorps, your bold, passionate spirit makes you one of the more interesting signs, and with that, you’re going to have to get yourself an interesting pooch. Terriers are likely to match your intensity in the best possible way, keeping you on your toes and stopping you from becoming too controlling—these little guys can be pretty hard to control.

Perfect dog breed: Rottweiler

Sagi, sagi, sagi. We always thought that you’d be best suited to a smaller dog that you could bundle up and take on all your adventures, but Rottweilers are actually you canine soul mates. These devoted, calm-natured doggies can look a bit scary (remind you of someone?) but have an endless supply of love to give. Rotties are obedient, determined and easy to train, and will match you in courage and confidence.

Perfect dog breed: Shetland Sheepdog

You’re a workaholic who likes to keep their private life private, and just like with the humans in your life, you need a dog who will support you and your ambitions. Shetland Sheepdogs aka. Shelties will do exactly that. They’re loyal and extremely polite, and will basically be your shadow, always by your side.

Perfect dog breed: Husky

People are intrigued by you and how you work. You’re attracted to the magical, otherworldly aspects of life and need a dog that exudes that. This is why a husky would be perfect. These intelligent pups will force you to establish yourself as a leader (something you’re not very good at doing) and push you out of your comfort bubble. Huskies will also smother you with love when you need it most.

Perfect dog breed: Border Collie

Oh Pisces, you sensitive soul, you. As a responsive, intelligent breed, a Border Collie will pick up on your vibes and do their best to comfort you when the emotions take over. Just remember to cater to their energetic nature with plenty of walks and outdoor adventures.

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