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Where To Get The Best Banana Errythang

By Claire Plush
10th Feb 2016

There’s nothing like an annoyingly catchy jingle to make you want to peel the skin off a banana, and munch it, add it to your brekky or blend it up—minus the stringy bits, because nobody likes those.

Much like the characters in Huxley’s Brave New World, we’ve been conditioned. Conditioned, as young, innocent children with no firm favourite among fruits, to believe that bananas are so magical they can “make those bodies sing”. Am I right or am I right?

So what happens when we’re force fed bananas as a nation? Banana addicts are born, that’s what.

Moral of the story—we KNOW what it’s like to need a banana fix, so from fluffy banana pancakes to banana bread drizzled with syrup, we’ve found the best banana errythang across the Coast, for you to enjoy.

1. For a moist house-made banana, macadamia, and date bread served with mascarpone and orange cardamom syrup, there’s only one place to hit—The Velo Project. Looks like art, tastes like banana-ry deliciousness.

2. There’s donuts and then there’s BANANA CREAM PIE donuts from Donut Boyz, oozing with banana custard and finished with toasty Italian Meringue.

3. Gluten-free bandits get to join the banana bread party at Little May Espresso in Montville. Topped with mascarpone, grilled banana, and raw honey, it’s comfort in bread form.

4. Get the inside scoop at Colin James Fine Foods, where the gelato department is teeming with flavours like banana and Galliano, banoffee, and good ol’ plain banana.

5. Get yo’ stack of banana paleo pancakes at one of the newest cafes serving some of the best breakfasts in Mooloolaba, CK Coffee Bar and Wholefoods.

6. Yes, Betty’s is one of the best burger joints on the Sunshine Coast, but they also serve up an epic range of “concretes” for dessert. Our pick? The rich and awesomely creamy Banana Peanut Butter Cup—think: chocolate custard, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and fresh banana.

7. Fresh crepes with sautéed banana, rum, butterscotch sauce and ice cream. Alfie’s Mooo Char and Bar, you know where it’s at!

8. Tome is the leader of Maroochydore’s cake-land, so next time you’re craving an afternoon hit, try their gluten-free banana, maple and chai tea mini cakes.

9. For one of the best breakfasts in Caloundra, head to Greenhouse Café and slurp a banana and cacao smoothie, made with yoghurt, maca, cinnamon, honey pollen, and almond milk. In the words of Queen Gwen, this shit is bananas.

10. Pop your Nitrogenie cherry with a Creamy Banana Split—vanilla ice cream, house-made chocolate sauce, and a super smooth banana mousse.

11. Stop ya wafflin’, we’ve got a number you probably haven’t tried. The deliciously hot Waffles Squared at The Nines is a serious tower of house-made waffles, topped with grilled banana, salted caramel, and vanilla ice cream.

12. Pull up a stool at Miss Moneypenny’s and order a West Indies Yellowbird—we’re talkin’ grilled banana mixed with pineapple, lime and orange juices, rum, Cointreau, and Galliano. Refreshing is an understatement.

13. A Cool Bananas smoothie is the only way to go at Coco Loco Club. Actually, there’s heaps of options, but for the point of this article, it’s the right way to go.

14. Find your Vegan Paradise at Nambour Social with a tasty plate of vegan coconut banana bread topped with caramelised banana and coco-cremeux.

15. What’s better than a Nutella crepe? A banana AND Nutella crepe from Scandic Café.

16. Go on a serious banana bender at Bohemian Bungalow—house-made banana bread, mascarpone (see the pattern, here?), and rose crème fraiche. So chic!

Image Credit: Ariana Gillrie for Metropolist

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