Where To Nab The Best Vintage Threads

By Claire Plush
25th Feb 2016

Trawling op shops and second-hand stores is our idea of a weekend well-spent. If you score, that is.

If you don’t, well it’s pretty easy to look on the darker side of sniffing other people’s old shit, rummaging through piles of shirts, and annoyingly re-hanging dresses when they slide off the hanger. As they do. At really inconvenient times.

But, if you come across that dress, THE bag, or a pair of perfectly worn leather boots, well then, that my friends, is the closest a vintage-lover is going to get to heaven.

We’ve scoured the Coast many a time for the best pre-loved gems on offer, so it’s only fair that we pour our knowledge into one space to create the ultimate guide to the best vintage shops on the Sunshine Coast. Oh, and op-shops, too!

It ain’t a race, but we’d jump to it if you don’t want the whole Coast checking out the goods before you.

Eumundi Vintage Clothing

Ask anyone, and Eumundi Vintage Clothing is a shoe-in for a mention in our roundup of the best vintage shops on the Sunshine Coast. Browsing happens from Wednesday through to Sunday, or you can request a private appointment and have the shop all to yourself. That’s a bit spesh.

Where: 100 Memorial Drive, Eumundi

Collective Haus

If you haven’t been to Collective Haus, AND you call yourself a vintage maven, we’re highly doubting your self-labelled prowess right about now. Because this vintage everything store in Yandina pretty much gives us the butterflies as soon as we walk up the steps. It might not help that we also knock back a cup of their coffee before heading in for the kill, so we’re totally on a caffeine high, which manages to up the eyesight from bordering on blurry to impressive…so all the more take-me-home treasures for us.

Where: 19 Farrell Street, Yandina

Mr Beesley’s Vintage Clothing

If the thought of digging through mounds at garage sales, charity stores, and tip shops, is stopping you from wearing all the vintage threads your heart desires, then Mr Beesley’s is the real-life dreamland you never knew existed. Tucked away as part of the old ambulance building, 1950s fashion lovers expect to be spoilt for choice. Oh, and grab some curlers while you’re at it, just ‘cause.

Where: 80 Howard Street, Nambour

Forever Bee Clothing

An old caravan that hops between Yandina Markets, Pomona Country Markets, and events like the Sunspace Flea Market, Forever Bee brims with awesome vintage and pre-loved picks for the ladies and dapper gentlemen. If you’re in luck, you could score an old-school suitcase to take your winnings home in, so keep your eyes peeled.

Where: Saturdays at Yandina Markets

Isn’t She Lovely

For those days when you wanna shop from the couch, in your pyjamas with a pot of tea, and cat curled at your feet, Isn’t She Lovely is an online vintage store working its magic from the Sunshine Coast. Posting a mix of vintage fashion and homewares to their Instagram feed, all you’ve got to do is write “SOLD” on the photos that scream your name. Easy as! A word of warning though, you’re up against some tough competition, so don’t take too long to stake your claim.

Shabby 2 Chic

Alright, you got us, Shabby 2 Chic is technically an op shop but it shouldn’t be bypassed if you’re on the hunt for the best vintage shops on the Sunshine Coast. Among furniture and knick knacks you’ll find racks of clothes to flick through at this Noosa warehouse. Someone (*cough) may have even nabbed a good-as-new YSL bag there for under $15 a couple of months ago. Op shopping at it’s finest!

Where: 25 Production Street, Noosaville


What would a second-hand shopping list mean without talkin’ about trusty ol’ Vinnies? Zilch! One of the best places to shop for vintage at cheap-cheap-cheap prices, we’re huge fans of the Nambour, Caloundra, and Maroochydore locations. Have your coins at the ready, because this is one place where you’ll be able to grab a cute satchel or tote for a goldy.

Where: Various locations across the Sunshine Coast

Know of somewhere else we need to include in our roundup of the best vintage shops on the Sunshine Coast? Let us know. We love a good bargain hunt!

Image Credit: Mad Men

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