A Wine & Art Party Is Popping Up The Sunshine Coast And We’re Grabbing The Girls!

By Caity Stone
22nd Mar 2018

Syndicate Creative

You've seen the ads. DON'T drink and drive, but we highly recommend you DO drink and art. 

So…we're grabbin' the girls cause the very first wine and ceramics night is happening on the Sunshine Coast and we're super excited! (Can't you tell?) 

That's right, if you've got a love for wine and all things creative then this is the night for you. The folks over at Syndicate Creative are hosting a fun night out where you get to have-at-it with a handmade ceramics class while sipping on some fine wine. Sounds like perfection, doesn't it?

All you have to do is get your mates together and they'll do the rest! They supply the materials, wine and nibbles. Or, you can book them for a private event if you fancy! With a drink in one hand and art tools in the other you'll definitely have your hands full. So don't dress to impress because drinking plus arting equals one big old mess. And don't worry-no artistic talent is really necessary. That's what the alcohol is for. It's also there so you think your work of art is an absolute masterpiece, until you see it in the next morning that it. Eeep! 

It'll free your mind and your soul. You might actually find it relaxing too.

And if it really does turn out absolutely incomprehensible, we got you. Just say you went for a Picasso vibe. You know, abstract. Open for interpretation. That's what art is all about after all peeps.

The Details 

What: Wine And Ceramics Night 
Where: Syndicate Creative, Shop 1, 11 Endeavour Drive, Kunda Park
When: Saturday 5 & 12 May, 6pm till 8pm 
Cost: $60 per person 
For more details you can check here

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