You Know You’re A Sunshine Coaster When…

By Sophie Wright
11th May 2016

There’s no denying that the Sunshine Coast is a special part of the world. You only have to look around you to see that we’ve got some of the world’s best everything right in our own backyard.

The only negative is that our little slice of heaven isn’t so secret anymore, and the Coast is much bigger and busier than it used to be. But that’s okay, because we’re a nice bunch, and sharing is caring. Plus, we locals can say that “we lived here before it was cool,” which is actually pretty awesome.

Still, to help you spot the locals among the tourists, we’ve come up with a list of 20 things that make those who live here “unique”.

Put simply, you know you’re a Sunshine Coast local when…

1. Your car is constantly sandy and a go-bag filled with beach gear is a permanent fixture in the boot.

2. The Maccas/Grill’d seating area and outside the cinemas are your official meeting points for all Plaza catch-ups.

3. You meet someone from the Coast for the first time, and the first question you ask them is: “what school did you go to?”

4. Paying for parking just isn’t a thing. And if it was, you’d never hear the end of it. Trust me.

5. You know exactly how much a cab/Uber costs to get you home from Ocean Street.

6. You also know exactly how much a cab/Uber costs to get you home from The Helm.

7. Speaking of The Helm, no matter what they try to tell you, it’ll always be Fridays.

8. To use the Coast’s public transport, you need to get your BF to drive you to the stop… kind of defeating the purpose of using said public transport.

9. A triathlon will inevitably ruin your weekend plans. Planning to nip down to Mooloolaba for your usual weekend swim during the Mooloolaba Triathlon? Good luck getting a park. Lunch with the gang on Hastings Street while the Noosa Tri is on? Don’t even bother.

10. A normal day off looks something like this: A morning walk along Mooloolaba Beach, grocery shopping in Buderim, coffee with a friend in Cotton Tree, family lunch at Noosa, taking the dog for a walk at Point Cartwright, and dinner and drinks with the gang in Maroochydore.

11. You in winter: “Brrr, it’s supposed to hit 22 degrees today… time to put on some pants.”

12. School traffic is WAY worse than peak hour traffic.

13. You sport a real summer glow all year round. Swimming might be off the table, because #winter, but if there’s sun, you can tan!

14. You know the difference between Noosa Hinterland and the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

15. You’ve had a childhood birthday party at the Super Bee or Olympia Theme Park. You didn’t? Who even are you?

16. New Years in Mooloolaba. We’ve all been there.

17. There’s never more than one degree of separation between the randoms you get chatting to at the beach.

18. You’ve come under attack by the demon lizards that frequent the path between Mooloolaba and Alex.

19. You’re a total pro at two-lane roundabouts. Like, who needs traffic lights anymore?

20. You do your grocery shopping at the farmers’ markets, and even if you don’t, you say you do. Because, #lifestylegoals

Image Credit: Hayley Williamson for Metropolist

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