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15 Awesome Things To Do On The Melbourne To Sydney Drive

By Bianca O'Neill
8th Apr 2016

things to do on the drive from melbourne to sydney

Everyone has to do it once in their life: whether it’s moving cities (hopefully to Melby from Sydney, you idiot) or trying to save on moolah when the [insert sporting/concert/other event here] renders a quick hop up to Sydders into the thousands. Don’t worry—we’ve got your back.

It can be boring, monotonous, dull as a dusty dessert… but it doesn’t have to be! So here is our essential guide to all the best things to do on the drive from Melbourne to Sydney. Why not make a long weekend of it?

Oh, and don’t forget your toothbrush.

Leaving Melbourne

#1 You’ve packed, and you’ve finally left the house (2 hours later than intended), but what about some sweet road trip snacks? Pop into the new doughnut lover’s institution Doughnut Time in the CBD before you leave the glorious Melbourne weather behind. Ha.

#2 You’ll need wine for the trip, clearly. Stop into the quaint Tahbilk Winery on your way up the highway, about 1.5hrs from Melbourne. They make great wines that I’ve been drinking for years—and let’s be honest, it’s a little far from your regular Yarra itinerary...

Stopover 1: Albury

#3 Your first stopover destination should be the emerging foodie and art destination, Albury. Yep, you heard right: with a brand new modern art gallery (called MAMA), a permanent sculpture walk along the Murray, and a bunch of awesome new restaurants that deserve a nod, Albury is about to surprise you. When we went, we stayed at the cool and quirky Atura.

#4 Hire a bike and check out the Yindyamarra sculpture walk along the river—make sure you stop for a picture perfect selfie at the frame sculpture overlooking the Murray bend (pictured above).

#5 You’ve probably worked up an appetite: Our top picks for delish noms are the beautifully located The River Deck Cafe and Tim Tehan’s Canvas Eatery at the bottom of MAMA.

#6 Need another injection of art? Head to MAMA, pose with the giant plug sculpture in the courtyard, and check out the Marilyn exhibition (til 8 May). They have THE Warhols.

#7 As you head out from Albury keep an eye out for the random weird submarine in the middle of Holbrook. No body knows why it’s here (ok, it’s a museum), but it makes a great WTF road trip pic.

#8 As you head into Canberra, stop at Yass because the sign would be the perfect place to graffiti ‘Kween’. Just kidding, don’t do bad things like graffiti signs, guys.

Stopover 2: Canberra

#9 Your second stopover is Canberra. It’s an obvious one, but when was the last time you went to our nation's capital? Yep, thought so. Head to Parliament House for a totes #straya Instagram selfie.

#10 Check out the NGA—it’s one of the best art galleries in the country, and at the moment they're showing treasures from Versailles. Don’t go to the Portrait Gallery... trust me, it’s really boring.

#11 Look, I don’t want to alarm you, but there’s a dinosaur museum in Canberra. OH. MY. GOD. Now you don’t have to pretend you’re interested by the other boring exhibits at the natural history museum in your home city.

#12 Looking for great food in Canberra? Head to Sean McConnell’s Monster, named Restaurant Of The Year in Canberra in the Good Food Guide in 2015. They have crisp yabby and horseradish jaffles. I’m in on that fact alone.

The home stretch

#13 Next, head to the Big Merino—because you’ve seen plenty of sheep by now, so it kind of means something to you, emotionally. Plus, there’s a Maccas across the road and the statue has two HUGE... ahem, yes.

#14 About two hours out of your arrival in Sydney, pop into Moreton National Park to visit the gorgeous Fitzroy Falls. Stomp the boardwalk from the carpark until you arrive at the totally Instagrammable waterfall. Time to take a selfie, clearly.

#15 You’ve arrived in Sydney: head straight to Bondi Beach you bloody tourist.

Bianca O'Neill was a guest of Atura Albury, MAMA, The River Deck Cafe, and Canvas Eatery. If you'd like to learn more about Albury, check out their website. And if you need to get away from all the #hipsters, here are 6 Out-Of-Town Escapes You'll Love

Image credit: Bianca O'Neill @_thetravellist

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