20 Melbourne-Only Pick-Up Lines

By Ellen Seah
6th May 2016

best melbourne pick up lines

There are just some things that we’re proud (?) to say are totes Melbourne—and of course, that has to resonate strongly in your feeble attempts to pick up a Melburnian, right? So we thought we'd put together 20 Melbourne-specific pick-up lines that would only work in our wonderfully weather-troubled, food-adoring city.

Please note, we will not be responsible for any physical or emotional repercussions due to an attempt to apply these IRL on Friday night.  

#1 “Is that a cronut in your pants, or are you just glad to see me?”

#2 “You’re harder to get around than Punt Road in peak hour.”

#3 “Want to join my subscription coffee club?”

#4 “I have a fixie, so my calves are A++”

#5 “I get compliments for my beard. Like, a lot.”

#6 “You make me feel as weak as a Yoxing class.”

#5 “Want to wear matching buns in our hair?”

#6 “I have a table available at Mr Miyagi in 10 minutes, want to join me for dinner?”

#7 “I would cancel my reservation at Chin Chins for you.”

#8 “Ethical non-monogamy is all the rage these days... so, DTF?”

#9 “Want to take a ride down my secret alleyway?”

#10 “I’d go vegan for you.”

#11 “Are you secretly a plain-clothed ticket inspector? Because I’ve been bad.”

#12 “If you were my Myki, I would fail to touch you off every day.”

#13 “I would get on the Melbourne Star for you.”

#14 “If you were mine, I would bring you Messina ice-cream all night, every night.”

#15 “You must be a politician because I don’t know your name, but you’re probably going to ruin me. “

#16 “I like my partner like my coffee—strong, skinny and smooth.”

#17 “You’re better than free ice-cream at a pop up store.”

#18 “You put the bacon in brunch.”

#19 “Your face is like the perfect flat lay.”  

#20 “We must be in the city loop, because I feel like it’s just you and me against an internet-free world.”

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Image credit: Crazy Stupid Love

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