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8 Times That UberEATS Will Probably Save Your Life

By Ellen Seah
19th Apr 2016

ubereats melbourne

The genius team who gave us cheaper (and cleaner) Saturday night rides, puppies at the office and free Gelato Messina are launching UberEATS today! Melbourne is the first city in Australia to get our hungry mitts on this delivery service, which will operate from 11am—10pm, seven days a week.

With delivery 100% FREE during the initial launch period, here are 8 ways UberEATS is probably about to save your life.

#1 When Sunday morning means home delivered Jimmy Grants souvas with a side of feta and oregano chips, and all you have to do is drag your hung-over butt to the front door. Or make your roommate do it, because you’re that kind of person.

#2 When you can do Wednesday night pizza from the comfort of Netflix and your couch.

#3 When UberEATS literally saves you money. Instead of burning dollies on petrol costs to your favourite modern Asian restaurant, have your Tonkatsu sandwich with crisp pork katsu, shaved cabbage and bulldog sauce, with a side of free delivery.

#4 When it saves you time. Who has got the patience for food preparation when you’re simply overflowing with #inspo ideas the world will soon grow to know and love?

#5 When you’ve forgotten to buy ice-cream for girls night. Ice-catastrophe. At least your uber delivery guy isn’t the type to judge you for a few litres of Pidapipo. Probably.

#6 When you’ve forgotten about your anniversary (again) so you order some quick dishes from Gazi and pretend you’ve been slogging in the kitchen when hubby/boyfy arrives home.

#7 When your roommate goes on his latest diet cleanse and everything that gives you happiness is banished from the fridge. Hit up an order of Serotonin Eatery’s raw tacos or positive pancakes—for food that won’t make your tastebuds leave the building in protest.

#8 When you’re tummy-churning hungry angry but you’re also picky AF. UberEATS has partnered with over 80 local restaurants, so you're bound to find something good. Or Messina and chill always works.

Since you don't seem like the type to leave the house, we're going to leave this info on the Katering Show's second season right here...

Image credit: Bridget Jones' Diary

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