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Melbourne Is Getting A Burger Tram!

By Clare Acheson
1st Apr 2016

Mr Burger Tram Melbourne

Is there ANYTHING more Melbourne than a tram that's solely dedicated to serving burgers? No, no there's not. Hence, the award for the most Melbourne thing EVER goes to Mr Burger, and their brand new Mr Burger Tram. 

Launching from this Saturday, the unique tram will be running along a range of Melbourne tram lines, starting with the no. 8 tram route where it will serve burgers from 11am until 11pm daily. The tram will run from Toorak to Coburg for the entirety of April, when it will switch up its route to a different line, spreading the burger love across the city. 

“Historically I’ve been against food on trams, particularly tuna and egg sandwiches. But this is a tram dedicated to burgers, and helps us bring them to more Melburnians, more often, in a way that’s also an icon of our awesome city. We couldn’t be more excited!”, said co-founder of Mr Burger and all-out burger enthusiast, Daragh Kan.

To book your spot on what's surely got to be the most delicious tram in Australia, you'll want to check out Mr Burger's website closer to the day of the tram's maiden voyage. The Mr Burger Tram will launch from the burger masters' Melbourne Central store at midday on Saturday 2 April.

Disclaimer: We were fooled.... and you were too.

Image credit: Mr Burger/Melbourne Central via Instagram

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