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Melbourne’s First Chocolate Cheese Is Here

By Millie Lester
15th Nov 2016

Just when you thought the world had fallen into a pre-apocalyptic state of catatonic hysteria, something like chocolate cheese appears, and faith in humanity is restored.

Curds & Whey are regular stall-holders at our very own Queen Victoria Market and have just won life with their release of the Choco 21 - a mild and delicate Italian blue cheese fermented with chocolate liqueur, dusted with a rich layer of cocoa and sprinkled with chocolate chips. This cheese is fresh from the food oasis that is Italy and is a first for the Melbourne dairy scene.

Be one of the first bajillion people who will be fighting for a slice this week at the Queen Victoria Market.

The Queen Victoria Market is open Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays from 6am, and Sundays from 9am.

Image credit: The Queen Victoria Market

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