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Melbourne’s Getting A Chocolate Festival!

By Clare Acheson
21st Mar 2016

Melbourne chocolate festival

Yep, you read that headline correctly: Melbourne is getting its very own chocolate festival, and we can't WAIT to tuck into some of the amazing cocoa-laced treats that are going to be on offer! The Wicked Chocolate Festival is coming to Prahran Market for one day only on Saturday 7 May, when local artisan chocolatiers, bakers and pizzerias (!) will be showing what they can do with everyone's favourite ingredient.

The day will kick off with a chocolate tasting trail to get your tastebuds accustomed to the various different styles of chocolate, followed by cooking classes, a choc-centric high tea at the Essential Ingredient, food truck action from some of Melbourne's biggest names, and even some raw chocolate action from local heroes Pana Chocolate.

When it comes to our picks of the day's festivities, we can't wait to tuck into a slice of Nutella pizza, which will be on hand thanks to A25 Pizzeria, and Doughboys' doughnut creations. Other participants include Waffee (waffles, coffee, chocolate—the winning combo!), South Melbourne dessert masters Bibelot, Butterbing cookie sandwiches, Fritz Gelato's frozen chocolatey goodness, and Burch and Purchese, whose chocolate creations are some of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful in Australia.

The Wicked Chocolate Festival takes place from 10.30am on Saturday 7 May and runs until 5pm, by which time we hope you have managed to satisfy your cravings for the weekend. Better yet, entrance is free. Get that date in your diary, folks!

Image credit: Prahran Market

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