Melbourne’s Getting An Outdoor Wave Pool!

By Ellen Seah
15th Apr 2016

melbourne outdoor wave pool

Melbourne's getting a wave pool—and it’s going to be twice the size of the MCG (*dies). Set to open late next year just 25 minutes out of the CBD, Melbourne’s biggest outdoor wave pool will be located opposite the Essendon Football club in Tullamarine. Meaning, it’s the perfect pitstop to wash off all that fart-contaminated, fake-oxygen plane air.

Construction on URBNSURF (so #hipster) is set to begin later this year, with the hefty price tag of $18.5 million for what is possibly going to be the coolest (literally) attraction in Melbourne. Gone are the days of waddling into murky indoor pools while you mentally choke on stale chlorinated air, this is proper summer architecture which Melburnians freakin’ deserve.

Waves from half a metre to two metres high will be generated everyday for surfing enthusiasts and kiddies happy to belly flop into soft, rolling waves. The URBNSURF area will also feature a surf-training academy if you’d rather learn away from sandy beaches and face-plant in more spectacular fashion. A mountain bike track, running track, parkour trail, climbing wall and bouldering course means you can get into shape for your next wave pool visit.

Get ready for a serious wave. 

Image credit: URBNSURF via vimeo.

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