Overheard In Melbourne This Week

By Clare Acheson
6th Apr 2016

overheard in melbourne

The times, they are a-changin' and with the seasonal switch-up comes the new footie season, daylight savings time, and winter dating woes. Here are the best things we overheard Melbourne talking about this week.

Tinder Woes

Girl 1: Do you ever open Tinder and just think, 'What the f*¢k?'
Girl 2: That's basically how I feel when I open my eyes each day. 'What. The. F*¢k.'

Coffee In The North

Northsider: If you were going for coffee on Smith Street with someone you used to work with, where would you go?
Southsider: I wouldn't.

Daylight Savings Time

Person 1: Daylight savings time is literally the most confusing thing ever.
Person 2: Who tells the sun to get up an hour earlier or later?
Person 1: Erm, that’s not how time works.

The New AFL Season

Girl 1: I actually love it when footie season starts again. 
Girl 2: Are you serious? You don't actually follow it, do you?
Girl 1: The scores, not really. The short-shorts, oh HELL YES. 

Childhood Memories

Person 1: I believed in the Easter bunny until I was about fifteen. 
Person 2: It was only a few years ago that I realised reindeers aren’t actually mythical creatures!
Person 3: Well, I was twenty when I realised that when you go to the planetarium, you watch a projection and not look at the stars in real-time though a huge telescope.
Person 4: 
I was the only one in my primary school class who didn’t know the order of the months... 

Instagram's Timeline Shake-Up 

Person 1: Jeeze, everyone's *really* freaking out about this Instagram timeline change. 
Person 2: Did you do the thing where you click to get notifications from all the people you want to keep following?
Person 1: Uh, YES. And then I turned off all Insta notifications ever because it was so damn annoying.
Person 2: ...Do you think this is the future?

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Image credit: Ja'mie Private School Girl

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