Stop Everything: The New Season Of The Katering Show Is Out!

By Ellen Seah
15th Apr 2016

the katering show season 2 watch online

Goodbye, Friday night plans! Dinner, drinks and being a functional, social human being will have to wait because the second season of the Katering Show is available online NOW. I repeat, the entire second season of the best thing to grace the internet since the internet is ONLINE NOW. Brought to you by the same hilariously sarcastic, seriously cynical duo, I am actually considering pulling an afternoon sickie to binge on all eight episodes.

A strong contender for the best web series of 2015, the Katering Show reeled in nearly four million foodie-hating views in its first season. Available on ABC iView (big gold sticker for you guys), each 10-minute episode will feature thoughts and deliciously edible (erm) recipes from food intolerant and intolerable foodie Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney (hence, Kate-ring).

Expect home-style cooking gems like “paleo bone water” and “large mini pancake with some salmon bulls**t on top”. Melbourne’s ramen obsession, the paleo diet (see the trailer below), the 5:2 diet and raw food aren’t safe from the chopping block. Or, Kate’s Thermomix. If it hasn’t been recycled or something. 

You can squiz through all of the Katering Show’s neurotically nervous, gloriously awkward episodes here

If you need something else to do once you've binged the entire second season of the Katering Show (OMG HAVE SOME SELF CONTROL WHUT), check out the 15 Things To Do In Melbourne This Week.

Image credit: via The Katering Show.

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