The Ultimate Guide To Hangover Meals In Melbourne

By Ellen Seah
24th Mar 2016


Don’t even try to remember what happened last night. Chances are it’ll all come rushing back as soon as you’re tagged in a photo so horrific, it underlies the whole meaning behind the reason you’ve blocked your boss on Facebook. Those hangover feels.

Fortunately for you, we’ve all been there, done that (more than we like to admit). And even more fortunate, we’ve decided to make the after hours of feeling like you’ve been knocked over the head with a hammer that little easier for you. So, grab your phones and download the Foodora app, it’s time to give that hangover a piece of your mind (or what’s left of it).

Forget the fact that you can’t find your wallet, or your car keys… we’ve pulled together the ultimate guide for your hangover meals in Melbourne—delivered to your door in around half an hour.

And because we really, really understand that sometimes your brain is just too sore to work out what to get, we have come up with a handy diagram so you know exactly what you need, and all you have to do is order.

#1 Gami Chicken


No one we know has rejected a piece of good old fried chicken during a raging hangover, but what can we say, we have wise friends. Customers can order a whole chicken, boneless fillets or wings at Gami Chicken—so invite your blurry-eyed crew over from last night and beat the headache together with a bit of honey mustard sauce. You can even order beers or Korean wine, if you’re *that* person. 

See if Gami delivers to you here.

#2 Kong


You’re tired, you’re cranky, but goddamnit you’re still a Melbourne foodie. Kong, the little (but mighty) brother of Melbourne’s infamous Chin Chin, are even more awesome because they deliver with Foodora. Seriously, think about it, what could be better than fresh, contemporary Korean food delivered directly to your doorstep when you feel like you need to chill your eyeballs in a glass of ice cold water? . We recommend their tummy-friendly Rice Bowl with chopped tuna, avo, cucumber, black sesame, Korean hot and sour dressing on vinegared rice. And maybe a few of the sides.  

See if Kong delivers to you here.

#3 Hanoi Hannah


However you want to say it, phOW, phER, PERow (preferably not that last one), this famed cure for colds and blaster of all things winter is an ideal hangover soother. Get your steaming bowl of pho from Hanoi Hannah, with a couple of rice paper rolls on the side (we’re emotional eaters, SUE US) and a fresh coconut juice. You’ll feel right as rain in record time.

See if Hanoi Hannah delivers to you here.

#4 The Beer and Burger Bar


Home to some of Melbourne’s best burgers, including a top-notch Veggie Burger with a veggie pattie, caramelised onion, mushroom, haloumi, tomato, rocket, tomato relish and aioli, The Beer and Burger Bar is your headache hotspot. Don’t go past their cheese and gravy-coated chips, or if you’re trying to watch your waistline (LEL, what is a waistline) eggplant chips are a perfect crispy side.

See if The Beer and Burger Bar delivers to you here.

#5 The Meatball & Wine Bar

CBD, Richmond, Collingwood

You’re a pretty cool bunch of people so we’re gonna level with you: there is no such thing as a “good” hangover look. Taking into account the red-stained eyes, swollen dark circles and inevitable lingering tipsy-ness, a little spag bol on your shirt isn’t going to make much of a difference. Take the opportunity to order meatballs and pasta from The Meatball & Wine Bar to your heart’s content.

See if The Meatball and Wine Bar delivers to you here.

#6 Gelato Messina

Prahran, Fitzroy, Cremone

Ain’t nobody got time for jostling lines when you’re hungover (or ever, in an ideal life), so skip the Messina mosh pit without skipping dessert. Choose from three scoops, 500ml, 1litre or a 1.5litre tub. Messina will even include spoons and cups, because they know who they’re dealing with. If you’re in need of some gelato flavour inspo, check out the official (not) ranking of Messina’s 35 flavours.

See if Gelato Messina delivers to you here.

#7 A25

South Yarra

Go classic—go pizza. The drunken go-to food, there’s something about pizza’s crusty, cheesy, basil-infused goodness that makes hangovers marginally better. A25 does some of Melbourne’s best Italian so you can’t really go wrong, but we’d make a beeline for their Bunga Bunga with tomato, mozzarella, Italian sausage, porcini mushroom, parsley and Parmesan.

See if A25 delivers to you here.


St Kilda

Feeling a bit classier the morning-after downing that jug of beer? Hit-up From creamy bowls of pillow-soft gnocchi and fresh salads; Nutella pizzas (um yes hello there) and mini brioche sliders, order up a feast and treat yo’ self. Don’t skimp on dessert.

See if delivers to you here.

#9 Tokyo Tina


If you’re feeling coordinated enough to attempt Tokyo Tina’s DIY bao, it is 100% worth the effort. Gold stars to you if you manage to get all the ingredients in the bao bun too. Choose from a DIY Beef Rib Bulgogi with pickles and kewpie, or a Crispy Pork Belly, pickled daikon and teriyaki sauce.

See if Tokyo Tina delivers to you here.

#10 Shizuku Ramen   


If a creamy, rich, steaming broth filled with al dente ramen noodles and packed with fresh ingredients doesn’t lift your mood, you might as well go back to bed for the day. Shizuku Ramen’s menu features contemporary Japanese food, with dishes like Shoyu Maple Raw Blue Crab and a bowl of fresh Tasmanian sea urchin served with rice. But if your stomach isn’t quite seafood-friendly yet, stick to green tea ice-cream and giant bowls of soupy ramen.

See if Shizuku Ramen delivers to you here.

#11 Biggie Smalls

You probably consider it more as a ‘3:00am food’ but the humble kebab has been given a makeover at Biggie Smalls. Producing the kind of finger lickin’ fare that’ll mop up that hangover of yours (and remind you of the raging good time you had the night before) Biggie Smalls have a wondrous list of flavour-filled options that are packed full of interesting ingredient combos. The ‘East Coast’ is our pick - there’s not much that maple glazed pulled pork, crackling, peanut butter hummus, leaves and pickled bits can’t fix.

See if Biggie Smalls delivers to you here

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Image credit: Tokyo Tina, John Newcombe for The Urban List. 

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