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This Epic Beer Festival Is Serving Up Beer By The Litre!

By Rachel Lay - 14 Apr 2016

Beer is great, let’s not argue undeniable facts. But like any good thing, there’s always room for improvement. How? Firstly, you leave it to the experts. We’re going to say having a rotation of thousands of beers of tap, from our fair shores and the forests of Bavaria is a sure fire way to qualify as an expert. The beer experts over at the Munich Brauhaus have gone and added to their already epic line up of traditional, imported German beers; no VB here folks, for their month long ode to hops, Bavarian BrewFest, with their own unique brews of uber tasty craft beers (and cider!) from their own Crafty Bavarian Brewing Co.

The new line up of beers are brewed down under, but packed full of German expertise that comes as a default when you’ve got Bavarian blood pumping through your veins, and uh, 500 years of brewing tradition under your belt. Get set for newly released tipples this month and chuck your lederhosen on as you drink up at the hub of activity, that is the beer halls of the Munich Brauhaus

Never ones to shy away from a good time, the good folk at Munich Brauhaus are serving up their Bavarian brews in a big ol’ stein. Yes people, that’s a litre of craft beer – also known as a litre of heaven or more affectionately, the shiz. Is it ever really acceptable to drink beer in anything less than a litre sized cup? Probably not.

The new brews on the block include the delicate, crisp Good Pickin’s Apple Cider packed full of floral notes and Granny Smith apples, the Pretty Purrsuasion Porter hitting your tastebuds with dark chocolate, mocha, roasted malt and the slightest hint of vanilla. Plus the Devil’s Daughter Double IPA delivers big, bold aromas with a hint of bitterness. The Bier of Bavarian Kings, the Hofbrau Original will also be joining the party to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Bavarian Purity Law – excited yet?

Expect salacious sips of the crafty main stays too; Munich Lager, Butcher’s Pride Pale Ale, a wheat and barley blend called the Hop Dock and one for the shredders out there, the low carb Blonde Moment – that’s a whole lotta beers to get around. Challenge accepted.

So how do you snag yourself a taste? Too easy. Just join the party at BrewsFest each Friday of this month for the weekly reveal of a new craft beer. Things kicked off with the fruity-sweet Good Pickin’s Apple Cider, and continue with the Pretty Purrsuasion Porter (it’s limited edition FYI, you don’t want to miss this) on the 15th, celebrations reach their peak with the Devil’s Daughters Double IPA release on the 29th. Hold onto your lederhosen people, BrewsFest is going to be a big one.

There’s also a whole new menu that was designed to perfectly complement the new beers too, so you don’t have to go hungry while you experience beer euphoria. Oh, did we also mention that there’s a deliciously curated menu of six burgers that perfectly match to the beers? And hot dogs? Yes, this is real life and no, this is not a drill: BrewsFest is going to be epic. 

Image credit: Michelle Jarni

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