Top 5 Vegan Hacks For Travellers

By Ellen Seah
12th Apr 2016

top 5 vegan tips

We chatted to our favourite vegan indie pop artist, Montaigne, about what it's like to be vegan on the road. The Sydney-based artist is currently on tour and playing shows in Melbourne (deets below!), but between running around to interviews, practice and (OFC) live shows she manages to eat healthy, fresh produce.

Here are her top five tips for vegan travellers, like herself!

Montaigne's Top 5 Vegan Tips

#1 Try not to bring fruit with you to the airport because quarantine will tear down your hopes and dreams. I lost two avocados to it once, it was a very sad day.

#2 Most cafes nowadays will have at least one vegan option—but if they don’t, just ask for avocado on toast with some tomato, spinach, mushrooms and beans, if possible. 

#3 Nuts are a good thing to carry with you if you’re prone to snacking.

#4 Be nice to people when asking for a vegan option! Don’t be a shitty vegan. Not even that, don’t be a shitty person. People appreciate your kindness and patience and will serve you hospitably if you’re pleasant. And if they don’t, be the bigger person anyway.

#5 There’s a site called happycow.net which has an often not-very-comprehensive list of vegan eateries in every city in the world—that can be useful, but it’s probably better to just google “vegan restaurants in ______”. Blogs are useful too.

Find out more about Montaigne

Tell us about the inspiration behind your latest single ‘In The Dark’?
Regarding subject matter, it’s basically my feelings about the events surrounding my break up with my ex-boyfriend. Regarding sound, St Vincent & David Byrne were an important influence. The rest of it was pretty much me and Tony f**king around with weird shit.

What can we expect from your shows on this tour?
Hopefully some good singing, definitely some good playing from my band, potentially some comedy, definitely some awkwardness, and probably, me, being there.

Who are your ultimate music icons/inspirations?
Bjork, Freddie Mercury, David Byrne, and Bowie!!!!!

On my rider, you’ll find…
Fruit (lots of bananas and grapes), lemongrass and ginger tea, roasted nuts, medjool dates—and one day, catering from the best local vegan restaurant. That would be siq.

If I was to play with one musician/band before I die, it would be…
That’s hard, dude. Probably David Byrne.

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