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Bite Club | Auckland Foodie News You Need To Know

By Albert Cho
13th Sep 2018

Bite Club | Auckland Foodie News You Need To Know

Auckland’s food scene is fast-paced and always changing, keeping up with it all just becomes too much sometimes! To keep you in the know, we’ve had our eyes peeled for the newest openings and products around the city.

Without further ado, here’s a round-up of the foodie news you need to know this week!

Cadbury Roses Has An Upgrade

If you’ve never given or received a box of Cadbury Roses chocolates as a token of appreciation, have you really lived? These chocolates have become a New Zealand icon now Roses has evolved their packaging, reinventing some classics and even bringing in some new flavours to the family, white raspberry and vanilla nougat! 

Date Night With Bondie Designer Cupcakes & Hapunan

The cupcake connoisseurs of Auckland, Bondie Designer Cupcakes are bringing back date night where they open their store until 8pm, every second and fourth Thursday of the month! This Thursday will be the first date night of the season and Filipino food truck Hapunan will also be there to provide the tastiest eats!

Krispy Kreme Is In Newmarket

The doughnut institution Krispy Kreme took Auckland by storm with their store in Manukau. Although Manukau is quite a drive for many Aucklanders, the distance didn’t stop anyone from lining up for one of their OG glazed rings. Well, driving may not have to come into the equation of the doughnut journey anymore as they have partnered up with BP on Khyber Pass and the petrol station has started stocking the bad boys! They're also available at the Warkworth, Flat Bush, Drury and Pukekohe

Orphans Kitchen Has Re-Opened

After their wee-little holiday, Orphans Kitchen is back in action and providing the Ponsonby locals infinite amounts of crumpets, toast and oatmeal. After a week of having no Orphans’ sourdough, all we can say is that we are happy that they’re back.

Absolut Extrakt 

The Swedish Absolut range has just welcomed a new member to their family of spirits, Absolut Extrakt. It's a vodka drink which is spiced with cardamom and other secret ingredients but we can tell you one thing for sure, it's damn tasty! Absolut Extrakt is a sweet vodka with a spicy kick and has just recently launched in New Zealand, so get amongst it.

Black Dog Brewery Launches New Beer

Not much of a spirit drinker? No problem as Black Dog Brewery has just released their new India Pale Ale, Shadow Soul! This limited edition beer is a little stronger than the regular beer, sitting at a friendly 7.4% alcohol level. The brew is refreshing and unique and is definitely worth a try as Black Dog never fails to impress. The second launch to their beer collection is Leroy, Black Dog's first U.S Brown Ale. It's a roasted malt with some notes of chocolate and earthy hops to balance it out and it gets a thumbs up from us!

Church Road - Gwen Rosé

Wine drinkers, don't worry as we have got your backs as well. Church Road has recently released a refreshing rosé wine which doesn't only taste great but the romance behind it makes it more enjoyable. Gwen Rosé is actually named after Florence Gwendolen (Gwen) Brown, who is the wife of Church Road winemaker Tom McDonald and pays tribute to the roots and history of Church Road wines. Say cheers to the 50-year anniversary of Gwen and Tom with their new rosé.

Image Credit: Lauren Matilda Matthews 

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