20 Of The Coast's Best Hangover Cures… Ever!

By Trixie Hillen
28th Oct 2016

As the holiday season sneaks up on us, invitations to cocktail parties, luxury sunset cruises, stylish soirees, and epic long-weekend house parties are starting to flood in.

For some people anyway… or so I’ve heard.

Anyway, whether you’re kicking back with a bottle of Cristal on a yacht with the Hemsworths or making awkward small talk with Harold over the cheap sauv blanc at the work Christmas party, chances are you’re going to have at least one occasion over the festive season where you wake up with regrets of one kind or another.

And while we can’t help you with your regrets about what you did with Harold in the photocopy room, we CAN help you with the best tips to deal with your hangover.

1. Throw on your best activewear and work up a sweat in the great outdoors with these best next-level hikes. Added benefit: if you need a sneaky vom, there’s plenty of convenient trees to hide behind…

2. Or throw on your best activewear, get as far as the lounge room then fall asleep on the couch (*actually the floor) with one shoe on, and the cat’s bed as a pillow.

3. It’s all about preparation. Drinking on an empty stomach is never going to end well. Line your stomach with the best fried food on the Coast before you head out.

4. Text your housemate/reliable bestie/significant other to urgently deliver you a care package of Sprite, Panadol, Pringles, and the remote. Then settle in for a Jessica Jones marathon.

5. Show your patriotism by finding the nearest outdoor bbq and then sitting your hungover self by it—those wafts of a sausage sizzle will do wonders for making you wanna eat again.

6. Sometimes the only thing that will clear that fuzzy head is a dip in the ocean, a waterhole, river, or waterfall. Start with these nine secret Sunshine Coast swimming spots.

7. So apparently, “evidence” shows that a greasy, bacony, morning-after fry-up DOESN’T actually help cure a hangover. To the scientists who conducted that study, I say, LALALALALALA WE CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!  Check out the best breakfasts on the Sunshine Coast to help settle that tum.

8. If you’re feeling a bit worried about how much you’re drinking, check out Hello Sunday Morning to see how your consumption measures up against health guidelines, and reclaim your morning after!

9. Kick back with a not so humble Bloody Mary (and one of everything else) on Gainsbourg’s irresistible menu.

10. Got a bit loose last night? The espresso martinis were going down just a little bit TOO easy? Well this morning, your body is probably dealing with caffeine withdrawal on top of your hangover. Work your way through the tastiest coffee on the Coast until you feel human again.

11. Enjoy the ultimate in relaxation at The Float Space.

12. We’re not sure ANYTHING will help your body to detox last night’s tequila shots (and no, the lemon wedges you sucked on do NOT count as your daily dose of Vitamin C and antioxidants!) But, dry body brushing, gentle massage, and relaxing oils following by herbal tea in the tropical gardens of Ikatan Spa will at least help you feel more human.

13. If you need to be gentle on your belly and just ease into your food a little taste at a time, dumplings, noodles, and lots of tea at yum cha at Corbin’s is your best bet.

14. Confuse your hungover body by loading up on every food group in one glass—bacon and Colin James gelato are the only two food groups, right? A maple bacon thickshake is not for the faint-hearted but totally worth it.

15. Build your stamina. You can cope better with the ravages of a boozy night if you’re fit and healthy, so sign up with the best personal trainers on the Sunshine Coast. And we promise not to tell them about the kebab you ate on your way home!

16. Were you lucky enough to sleep through the worst of your hangover? You’ve woken up feeling sort of okay, but all your fave spots stopped serving breakfast hours ago! We’ve got your back with the best all-day brekkies.

17. Force your hand and text your five most sociable friends, and invite them over for brunch at 11am. That way you’ll HAVE to get up and at least make yourself and the house presentable.

18. Then have a massive change of heart at 10.55am, hide under your doona behind the laundry basket and pretend to be a pile of unfolded clothes as said friends knock on the door and peer through the window. Because really, what idiot thought it was a good idea to plan brunch?

19. Blow the cobwebs out with a jetboat ride.

20. Have you tried everything and you’re still not quite back to yourself? Give up and just start all over again with our best day-drinking spots on the Sunshine Coast!

Disclaimer: none of the above is medical advice. Seriously, don’t listen to me—I would make SUCH a bad doctor. I can’t bear the sight of vomit. In fact, even talking about other people vomiting makes me want to spew. I promise I will never be ANY help in a medical crisis.

But even I can work out that the safest and healthiest thing you can do to avoid a hangover is to avoid drinking too much in the first place! So please, drink sensibly, stay safe, and ENJOY your party season!

Image Credits: Just Something and Trainwreck

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