27 Things Every Noosa Local Has Said At Some Point

By Trixie Hillen
13th Dec 2015

Noosa is more than just a postcode, it’s a way of life.

Even though “Noosa” has been added to the name of just about every suburb and housing development, from Sunrise Beach and the back blocks of Tewantin, to halfway out to Cooroibah (Noosa Banks, Noosa River Heights. Seriously, guys?!), the true Noosa area has a personality all of its own.

And if you’ve lived here, well then, you’ve most likely said all of these things at some point!

1. “Have you tried the kombucha stall at the Farmer’s Market? No the other one.”

2. “I’m seriously thinking of doing the tri this year.”

3. “Amalgamation/de-amalgamation was the best/worst thing to ever happen to Noosa.”

4. “Have you used Uber yet?”

5. “I can tell the coffee here is going to be good. Check out the beard and the full sleeve on that barista.”

6. “No, I’ve never actually seen Bindi Irwin.”

7. “I just feel like Eumundi sort of belongs in Noosa Shire. Not Tewantin though.”

8. “I haven’t driven through a set of traffic lights in a month. But I’ve been through 35 roundabouts since breakfast.”

9. “Is it gluten free? Is it dairy free? Is it sugar free? Never mind, I’ll have the cronut.”

10. “Kawana Shoppingwho now? Oh, no, I don’t really go south of Mooloolaba.”

11. “Oh yeah, I used to go to Betty’s before it moved to Hastings Street.”

12. “Let’s meet at the pelican.”

13. “I’m totally ready to pitch my new app to Richard Branson if I bump into him on Hastings Street this summer.” #mediamogulby2016

14. “Can I get extra kale with that?”

15. “I had my 8th/9th/10th birthday at Noosa Tenpin and threw up red slushie all over the lane.”

16. “Coffee at Le Monde?”

17. “I’m going to Australia Zoo this weekend, but ONLY because my cousins from out of town are visiting.”

18. “I hear we’re getting NBN connected in our street next year. Or the year after that. Definitely by 2018 though.”

19. “No, bone broth is definitely, completely different to chicken stock.”

20. “No, Peregian Springs ISN’T Noosa.”

21. “I looooove not having to deal with peak hour traffic. That’s the main reason I moved from Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane.”

22. “Is Originals at Peregian or Cooroy this week?”

23. “Well, it’s called Noosa District State High School, but it’s actually in Cooroy. Nope, don’t know why.”

24. “I’m planning on moving out of Mum and Dad’s place some time next year. Well, definitely before my 25th birthday.”

25. 7.30pm “Ugh, I wouldn’t be seen dead at The Reef.”

26. 11.30pm “LET’S GO TO THE REEF!”

27. “Bloody tourists.”

Image Credit: Robbie Dark

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