33 Things You Can Only Get Away With On A Leap Day

By Trixie Hillen
26th Feb 2016

The sneaky leap day of February 29 only happens once every four years—that extra day that gets tacked on to the end of February to compensate for the fact that early monks were drunk on Benedictine, and couldn’t quite get an even number when they divided up the days of the year.

Sort of like when you have to split the bill between five of you at your fave pizza place, and there’s a couple of unexplained bucks left over, so you just chuck it in as a tip.

Think of the leap day as a tip day. A bonus day where you’re immune from the usual rules that apply to your everyday life. This is your chance to try all those things that you’d never otherwise do, because technically, this day doesn’t even exist for three out of four years.

Basically, stuff you do within this sneaky 24-hour timeframe never really happened… so, on that note, here’s 33 things you can only get away with on a leap day. Indulge as you wish!

1. Pose naked for a “life drawing” class at Woodford Correctional Centre.

2. Sign up as a candidate in next month’s local council election.

3. Choreograph a flash mob with your mum’s book club.

4. Hop on your mint green moped and challenge the nearest Bandido to a street race.

5. Invite Clive Palmer over for a spa.

6. Feed your mogwai after midnight.

7. Do a nudie run through the tiger exhibit at Australia Zoo.

8. Put your ex’s number on speed dial then crack a bottle of vodka.

9. Take a ride on the biggest roller coaster you can find.

10. Practice your cocktail-making skills. Start with a Molotov.

11. Pick up a hitchhiker.

12. Go ahead and book that SUPER-cheap Living Social skydiving experience.

13. Get a piercing. You know the kind.

14. Order the hottest vindaloo available at that little Indian restaurant that’s ALWAYS empty.

15. Swipe right on the first three profiles you see.

16. Take the plunge and launch your stand-up career. At Coles.

17. Bet it all on red.

18. Take your shirt off, roll in glitter and walk around calling yourself Edward Cullen.

19. Go for a test drive. In a helicopter.

20. Have the ultimate cheat day with a Fat Harry—a maple-glazed donut piled high with a beef pattie, cheese, mayo, and pickles.

21. Strap seals to your ankles and go diving with sharks.

22. Go to church.

23. Start a Mexican wave. While still in church.

24. Say yes to every question you’re asked.

25. Buy that ticket for the first manned mission to Mars.

26. Tell your university lecturer/boss/mum that they “don’t really understand the complexities of Foucault/accounts receivable/parenting”.

27. Drive to Kandanga and play chicken with a tractor. Just make sure you get out of town when you hear the banjos start playing…

28. Commence a non-stop, no-sleep Doctor Who marathon (it will take you up until about March 15 to finish).

29. Start a juice fast. With prune juice.

30. Buy tickets for a Justin Bieber concert.

31. Go crazy with the Manic Panic.

32. Start a game of Monopoly with an uber-competitive family member. Beware, this may take longer than you think…

33. Start a food fight at Ricky’s.

Image Credit: The Campaign

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