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7 Awesome Things To Do With Christmas Leftovers

By Ben Tyres
26th Dec 2016

Ahhh, Boxing Day. The bittersweet reminder that Christmas is over.

The stress about what to get Aunty Brenda, what to bring to the family lunch, and how to keep your Mum away from all that red wine is officially over.

All that you’re left with now is a bin full of wrapping paper and a fridge full of leftovers. If you play your cards right you can make the leftovers last until New Years, chances are you’re still full by then anyway.

Host a Boxing Day BBQ

You have probably maxed out your social quota by pretending to like all of your rellies by now, but this is a good way to see the other side of the family that you missed out on. Plus, it’s always a bit nice to have some company (especially if it’s a chance for more presents).

Donate It!

Maybe check with someone about bits of turkey or pie, but anything unopened would surely be accepted by a local soup kitchen/charity. This is also a great chance to re-gift that awful Secret Santa present.

Make More Food

When life gives you lemons, or better yet, when the holiday season gives you trays and trays full of meat and veg, make lemonade! Well, maybe not lemonade, but definitely have a go at upcycling Aunty Lorraine’s traditional dry turkey by making a casserole. There are oodles of fancy recipes online, and it means you don’t have to go grocery shopping! #winning

Live Off Sandwiches For The Next Few Days

Credit for this idea goes fully to Ross on Friends. Nothing is better than a leftovers sandwich (with a “moist-maker” gravy-soaked slice of bread in the middle). Now is the perfect time to make your toasties a bit more gourmet. If you’ve never had pumpkin with melted cheese, mayo, and spinach on sourdough, your mind is about to be blown.

Embrace Your Inner Hipster-Spirit Guide

And by this we mean add the word “loaded” to a common meal and watch even the fussiest of eaters chow down. “Load” your mac and cheese with ham and pumpkin, and even throw some corn in as well. Pro tip: this also works with fries.

Pretend To Be Super Fancy

Hopefully you still have tablecloths that aren’t too stained, centrepieces that survived the big day, and have gotten around to washing the many, many dishes. We say take advantage of this and live fancily. Say goodbye to tea and toast for breakfast when you can have an assortment of fruits (from the barely-touched fruit salad masquerading as a dessert). Enjoy an afternoon tea of champagne, camembert, biscuits, and slices of cold meat. And finally—for dinner—light that Santa Claus candle that kind of looks like he’s melting to death, and plate up those last remaining chunks of turkey and pie. Doesn’t sound fancy but cut it up, drizzle sauce on the plate, and the flock will come.

Food Fight!

Probably not super recommended unless it’s at someone else’s house where you won’t have to clean up—but as a last resort this method can be particularly fun. Hopefully this will be therapeutic and allow you to release that inner tension as your dear, sweet grandmother throws a handful of mashed potato.

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