The Sweetest Thing | Where To Get The Best Sweet Potato Fries

By Penny Shipway
22nd Feb 2016

Looking for THE best local eateries that put the “sweeeeet” in sweet potato? Does mixing sweet and salty get your tastebuds in a tantalising tizz of fried-a-licious proportions?

Well, you can call off the search! Because we’ve eaten our way through the fattest, sweetest, spiciest, smokiest, and sometimes healthiest mounds of chips, just so we could bring you our top picks of the best sweet potato fries on the Sunshine Coast.

Here are our fave no-regret finds…


Has your head been feeling a little fuzzy lately? Keep putting your coffee mug into the fridge instead of the microwave? Well, the chips at Elixiba are not only some of THE best sweet potato fries on the Sunshine Coast, but they also include the gotu kola herb which aids memory and concentration! Made fresh every day, these mind-blowing health-infused chips are fried in rice bran oil and tossed in a secret spice mix (we tried to get it out of them!), which has just the right amount of salty, smoky, mouth-watering insanity. It’s kind of a win, win when you’re eating something inordinately healthy, yet gastronomically luscious, right?


The Pocket Espresso

The key to sweet potato utopia at The Pocket Espresso is that the chips are handmade and hand-cut—simple, right? Not exactly. There’s also the special spice mix (again, these cafes are keeping their cards close) that will have you chewing with your eyes closed and making embarrassing noises, especially when you dunk them into the summery, coconut, and lime aioli (holy pina colada!). Co-owner Esther did reveal one secret ingredient, “the tiniest hint of voodoo magic”, so don’t forget your broomstick as this may be your only ride home!

The Paleo Place

You don’t have to be following the caveman diet to enjoy the fodder at The Paleo Place (and anyway guys, it’s just non-processed, seriously-good-for-you food!). But you can throw the deep fryer in the bin and heat up the oven, as these hand-sliced snacks are oven-baked in olive oil, then seasoned with a sprinkle of Murray River salt flakes. Oh, and of course we can’t forget the usual piquant side of aioli. Mmmmmm garlic.

Hello Harry

The folks at Hello Harry put their heart and soul into their sweet potato fries—we kid you not! The longer-than-usual process begins by the selection standard-size sweet potatoes, which are then cut up evenly. From there, they’re steamed until tender, shallow-fried on a low temperature, dried out in the fridge, then fried AGAIN at 180 degrees, before being smothered in the special Harry chilli salt. “They are more labour intensive than your normal chip,” co-owner Tony admits, “but the outcome is sensational: the result is killer.” We agree Tone! They’re easily some of the best sweet potato fries on the Sunshine Coast!


Your Place Espresso & Bar

Think you have tasted the freshest fries in town? The owners at Your Place grow their OWN sweet potatoes on their OWN family farm taking homemade fries to a whole new paddock-to-plate level. Sliced up with a mandolin, they are slow-steamed in a Combi oven (no, not a Kombi van) for 12 hours. Then they are fried with “secret seasonings” and served with the chef’s classic house aioli. Steaming your fries first; who woulda thunk it?


Greenout Cafe & Bar

Leave your diet at the door, because this place doesn’t muck around when it comes to their seriously phat, fat fries (no literally, they’re wedges, but same diff). Double-fried, non-organic and super crispy, these wedges are flavoured in a Sichuan salt (that seasoning came a long way to visit your mouth!). The wedges at Greenout have ridges down their sides to give them the outrageous crunch they’re famous for. Forget the aioli, dipping at this cafe is all about sour cream, sweet chilli sauce, or guacamole. That’s some fancy fried food.



The famous sweet potato fries at Padstows are twice-fried for that extra crunch and super fluffy on the inside. The chef uses a smoky paprika salt to give them that extra kick and they come served with a side of piri piri mayo. With so much flavour going on you may just experience your first tongue-gasm. Yep, they’re that good.


Zac’s Burgers

Hanging on Hastings Street when you get that sweet potato craving? Never fear, Zac’s Burgers are here! Found upstairs in the old Zachary’s haunt, this no-fuss joint serves up some of the best sweet potato fries we’ve tasted on the Sunshine Coast. No joke! At only $6.50 a pop, it’s worth ordering these and then a side of burger. What?

Did we miss your top pick on our list of the best sweet potato fries on the Sunshine Coast? Sa-weet, let us know!

Image Credit: Daniel Hine

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