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Calling All Gingers | You’re Getting Your Very Own Rally On The Coast!

By Caity Stone
22nd Aug 2018

So, you’ve battled since birth with the blessing and curse that is red hair, amiright?!

Between being picked on in the school yard and now praised for your luscious locks, covering up any visible skin while walking the two-minutes to your car, or being lumped into the same group as literally any and every other ginger (any non-redheads will never understand these struggles). 

But NOW it would seem society is more educated on the wonders of being a rare “strawberry blonde” so much so that now you’ve even got your own damn pride rally! How incredibly cool is that? 

Let us all say a massive hello to the official Ginger Pride Parade! And the best news is, it’s coming to the Coast and they want all the gingers to march. (Read: whip yo’ hair back and forth). 

The main aim of the event is to promote and celebrate the uniqueness that is you and your incredible tresses, in addition to the broader message of acceptance. And where is the happening you might ask? The gingeriest place on earth of course—the Ginger Factory, folks. 

BTW—we’ve been assured that they’ll be plenty of SPF 50+ on hand. No ginger loves the lobster look. 

So, get out there gingers. We want to see you throwing caution to the wind and flicking your fab hair around. After all, you’re like unicorns in modern day society and we all need to celebrate that wonderment that is you. 

The Details 

What: The Ginger Rally 
Where: The Ginger Factory, 50 Pioneer Rd, Yandina
When: Saturday 6, October; 10.30am start 
For more details, check here.

Image credit: Instagram/ The Ginger Rally

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