5 Oh-So-Chic Black And White Bikinis

By Claire Plush
9th Oct 2015

It’s not officially summer yet, but tell that to the weather gods! Whatever the date on the calendar, it’s well and truly bikini weather so it’s time to upgrade last year’s swimmers and get your booty into one of the new season styles.

To help you in this noble quest, we’ve tracked down the chicest black and white bikinis on the Sunshine Coast for your shopping pleasure. Now to just jump in that time machine and un-eat all the things from the last year…

bikinis sunshine coast

#1 Stripe it away!

Horizontal stripes were so last season, but tilt them a little and voila! You’ve got the freshest new look. Zig zag from bushwalk to beach in this sporty little number by Tigerlily without anyone batting eye. An understated cut that’s as comfy as it is versatile.

#2 Clam Bake

We love a local label, especially when they whip out a bikini that has clam-shaped cups. Clam-shaped cups, people! This is the ultimate set to whisk you straight into holiday mode and onto a palm-fringed beach.

#3 Better Together

Mixing and matching separates is never risky when they’re as made for each other as the bra-style Casanova Top and the high-wasted Eddy Bottoms. Subtle mesh panels will help you to flaunt your figure without giving too much away. Subtle and sexy, it’s a winning combo. Trust us!

#4 The One

Classic, elegant, simple. The pros of this monotone bikini just keep on piling up! But we wouldn’t except anything less from Australian swimwear juggernauts, Jets. Known for their timeless pieces, if you’re after a bikini that outlasts the season, this could be ‘the one’.

#5 Surfer Gal

Need to hold your girls in place when you take on a fun beach break or the Noosa points? Then this is the itty-bity bikini for you. Made exclusively out of Japanese geoprene, this Abysse black beauty has been designed to make you look super fashionable (and help you to remain functional) whilst surfing along those blue walls of water. Hallelujah!

Image Credit: Klams

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