8 Of The Coast’s Best Maxed Out Milkshakes

By Fiona Willett
14th Dec 2015

Sticky, gooey, sugary, chunky, chocolate-stuffed, and so damn thick you can barely suck it up through the straw—say hello to the Sunshine Coast’s best maxed out milkshakes.

These dairy-licious megashakes are designed to a) give the sippee the indescribable happiness that occurs when one consumes something they never want to finish, and b) force a 3-hour milk-induced starfish recovery on the nearest flat surface.

We present to you the best milky, fudgy, donut/brownie/any-pastry-will-do-topped monsters that the Sunshine Coast has to offer. (Note: We also take no responsibility for post-consumption gut ache or next-day regret.)

Bean There Done That Espresso Bar

Ahh, much like the megashake’s sweet sister the cronut, the mother ingredient of all good shakes begins with a fat dollop of Nutella. The guys at Bean There Done That have given a nod to ye olde Nutella shake and have added in some extra goodness for the complete calorie overload. Introducing the Nutella thickshake, blended with rich Belgian chocolate powder, tonnes of ice cream, drizzled in chocolate, and topped with a weighty chunk of brownie. These dudes also sell a smorgasbord of yummy cakes and slices (try the salted caramel chocolate pecan slice), if the milkshake doesn’t hit the spot.

Where: 20 Timari Street, Pacific Paradise

Stormie D’s Cupcakery

Stormie D’s, tucked along Caloundra’s Bulcock Street, is a little pink cupcake shop producing some seriously EPIC shakes. As well as filling many happy little hands with pink-frosted cupcakes every day, Stormie D’s may have taken the crown as the Queen of mega-sugary, mega-delicious milkshakes (although we’re not even sure if this level of max out can fall under the category of milkshakes—more like cake in a jar?). For those looking to tuck into a classic rosy shake, try the white chocolate raspberry thickshake. It’s kinda hard to miss—drizzled in raspberry sauce, loaded with thick cream, and topped with chunks of rich white chocolate. This one’s not just for the kiddies, we promise!

Where: 17 Bulcock Street, Caloundra

Contact: 07 5491 5812

Your Place Espresso & Bar

Your Place is undoubtedly a foodie favourite among Mooloolaba locals, so it’s no surprise they’ve stepped up to the megashake trend and pitched in for the good of the sweet-toothed community. Your Place shakes are served with a slice of sugar coated cinnamon donut, fresh cream, sprinkles, and a crispy slice of milk chocolate. Cookie monsters should make a beeline for the cookie thickshake—a rich chocolate thickshake, smothered in cream, covered in cookie chunks with a donut smooshed in. Even better, all shakes are served in a cute little glass jar with a sippy straw!

Where: 103/45 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba

Contact: 1300 727 058

Monty’s of Montville

Think old-school milk bar, except forget the boring vanilla/chocolate/banana concoctions, and go for one of Monty’s 40 different flavours. Monty’s milkshakes are a bit of a legend around the hinterland, and the team prides themselves on using local ingredients, stirring in Colin James kick-ass gelato and milk from Maleny Dairies to create the most decadent thickshakes. Monty’s are so serious about their shakes they literally have a wall of hanging bar-style flavoured sauces. We guarantee you’ll have a hard time picking between the Snickers, Mars Bar and Banoffee Pie shakes. Simple and sickening, in the best kind of way.

Where: 8/171-183 Main Street, Montville

Contact: 07 5478 5556

Decisions Café

Decisions Café really gets us here on the Sunshine Coast. We are healthy lifestyle-loving people—the kind who have no shame Instragramming our acai bowl after Bikram at 6am, and snapchatting our Smore megashake that same afternoon. Yep, that’s right, Birtinya’s newest health food café ALSO sell among other tasties, sour cherry cheesecake cronuts, Nutella thickshakes and Smore megashakes. You’ll want to prepare your body (aka don’t eat for the entire day) before you get your chops around this creamy, marshmallow-topped, KitKat dunked, powdered megashake delight. Drink it quickly, and your thighs won’t even notice.

Where: Shop 4, 10 Capital Place, Birtinya

New Earth Cafe

This shakedown just wouldn’t be fair game without something for the vegans. Segway, New Earth Café. Tucked into Coolum’s trendy coffee shop cluster of cafes on Birtwill Street, New Earth is a little hive of organic, wholesome goodness. On offer is a range of HUGE milkshake-frappe-chai fusions which have all the chill factor and sugar count of their Nutella-loaded counterparts, minus the lactose hazard. Try the Jaffa shake—homemade almond or cashew milk, with an orange zing, layered with something just like (but not quite) fresh cream, and then coated in a thick spray of chocolate powder. What a time to be alive!

Where: 21-37 Birtwill Street, Coolum Beach (head down the arcade to the back courtyard)

Nitrogenie Noosa

Aptly named the modern day “ice cream wizards”, it’s only fitting that Nitrogenie can whip up an amazeballs shake. These creamy liquid nitrogen concoctions are the science genius of some guy who had serious feels for sugar, and with 65 bizarre flavours to choose from, we guarantee there’s something for every peanut butter and honey-loving weirdo out there. If you’re looking to go all out, we recommend the Peppermint Patty Choc Flake Nitroshake, or for the more adventurous, the Eumundi Strawberry and Basil. Deliciously coastal!

Where: 5/32 Hastings Street, Noosa Heads

Contact: 07 5455 3630

Rick’s Garage

No one’s really sure how Rick’s Garage gets their thickshakes to the level they do. Do they use a whole tub of ice cream in each cup? Do they blend donuts in? We do know they are worth every single kilojoule. Forget the chocolate chunk toppings and the fudge-filled syringes—Rick’s are famous for serving up the thickest, iciest, biggest thickshakes in a classic aluminium cup (the kind you stole from bowling alleys during rec sport in high school). These retro shakes are the essence of the 1950s, served up in an all-American, memorabilia-racked diner. This might be the only time we say it, but go for the vanilla and cherish every sip.

Where: 14-16 Margaret Street, Palmwoods

Contact: 07 5445 0933

Image Credit: Ariana Gillrie

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