2 New Reasons To Head To Nambour STAT!

By Claire Plush
1st Feb 2016

Little ol’ Nambour is used to being the brunt of jokes. But, things are a-changing. No longer can Nambourians be made fun of for having nothing to do in their town.

With cool bars, burger joints, and epic cafes popping up all around Nambour’s nooks, it’s pretty clear the Nambour of 2016 is dripping with cool.

Don’t believe us? Here are two new reasons to head to Nambour, stat! They start with coffee and end in food, so really, there’s no way it can go wrong. Say hello to two of the best new cafes in Nambour!

Villain Espresso

There’s a couple of sneaky ways you can find yourself sipping the good stuff at Villain Espresso.

You may be perusing vinyls, comics, and little Smurf figurines at the much-loved The Time Machine, when you spot a magical staircase at the back of the store aka the stairway to Villain. Or, you could be cruising along Queen Street, minding your own biz when you spot some seriously noticeable street art covering the walls of what appears the back of a unit block. You’ll see an open garage at the bottom, and if you use your Clark Kent glasses you’ll see chairs dotted along the driveway and vintage couches lining the walls inside. Whichever way you come across Villain, it’ll feel like you’ve struck coffee shop gold.

Opening late 2015, owner, barista and employee of every month Andri, is the creative brains behind Nambour’s fave new espresso bar. Serving up cups of joe with a blend from our friends at Guru Life, there’s also a self-toasting station, and delicious paleo and vegan slices to help line the pit.

Also a talented artist, Andri’s recent artwork can be seen gracing the stairs of the premises, a tribute to music legend Bowie.

Open 8am to 5pm weekdays, and 8am to 2pm on Saturdays, drop in sometime soon and show Villain some love.

Where: 101 Currie Street, Nambour

Nambour Social

Exposed brick—tick! Vintage pendant lighting—tick! Open kitchen—tick! We’re loving the fit out of new Nambour café, Nambour Social.

Sitting on the corner of possibly the busiest intersection in town, if you’ve been to Nambour and haven’t spotted this one-month young establishment, well we’ll be damned.

With an open layout it’s impossible for owners Vila and Ash to stay behind the scenes. While Vila mans the coffee machine pumping out deliciously smooth brews from Noosa roasters Clandestino, Ash is busy as head chef, plating up some of the best all-day breakfasts on the Sunshine Coast.

This place is no cookie-cutter café. Nambour Social uses fresh, local produce where possible and makes all sauces in house—yep, benny fans, their hollandaise is a must-try!

With a lunch menu also on offer and cakes available for the munching, this new Nambour eatery gets a big two thumbs up from the Metropolist team.

Open Tuesdays to Fridays from 7am to 3pm, and 8am to 3pm on the weekends.

Where: 59 Currie Street, Nambour

Image Credit: Claire Plush

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