We Check Out | Yum Cha At Embassy XO

By Claire Plush
7th Dec 2015

When Sunshine Beach comes to mind, we think of sunshine, beach, surf club, and coffee. But never, did we think of it as home to one of the best restaurants in Noosa.

That was until recently, when a constant stream of friend recommendations (you can only ignore them for so long), led us to Embassy XO.

A hidden upstairs gem found on Duke Street, Embassy XO is an Asian-inspired restaurant and lounge bar that is super sleek yet casual enough to pop into for an afternoon work drink or three. A place where shorts and Salt Water Sandals sit alongside midi dresses and cute heels, without an inch of fashion judgement.

Embassy XO Sunshine BeachRenowned among foodie circles across the state (hell, even the country), Embassy serves up delectable cuisine hailing from across China and South-East Asia. For indecisive diners where a chock-a-block menu brimming with delicious dishes causes the sweats to start, yum cha is the way to go.

We rock up on a Friday for lunch and the restaurant is humming with in-the-know peeps who are after great food, spread across a variety of dishes for a reasonable price. How reasonable? Well, vegos will snag the yum cha banquette for $30 and the carnivores need to come up with an extra four bucks, to meet the $34 per head price. Keep in mind, this isn’t cheap, shopping centre yum cha. This is fine dining done Sunshine Beach-style. In other words, it nails the whole “casual sophistication” vibe.

Embassy XO Yum ChaMixing things up, we opt to dine in the lounge bar rather than the sit-down restaurant, and lap up the ocean breeze from stools that overlook the street below.

It’s not long before the food starts pouring out. Plates and bamboo baskets laid with BBQ duck buns, prawn sumai, corn cakes, wagyu dumplings, wok greens, chick ribs, and fried rice show up to our table one by one. Favourites, which we savour then devour in slow mo, include the Crab Spring Rolls with a green chilli mayonnaise and pork dumplings with the most divine pumpkin puree we’ve ever tasted. Oh, and the pork belly sandwich—drool-worthy times a million, whatever that equals. Deliciously easy to eat, “left-overs” is a phrase that wouldn’t hold much meaning around here.

Embassy XO Yum ChaBecause we’re soaking up the summer feels, we wash down our yum cha with glasses of Chateau Ferrages, a smooth rosé from Provence. Some could call it an unconventional pairing, but its totally worth every one of its $13, and we’re not ones to fuss over who goes with who, or in this case, what goes with what.

We hang around long after the yum cha is demolished, sipping tipples and wiling away the afternoon—Embassy is the perfect place to do that. It’s also a prime spot to gather a group of friends for a weekend round. And if you’re clever enough to visit between 3-6pm, you’ll be able to balance the drinking with $5 morsels of foodie-heaven from the Bar Bites menu (the pork belly sandwich is on here, guys!).

Embassy XO CocktailsWhile yum cha was totally up our food alley, if you’d rather dine al la carte, Embassy XO has a full menu on offer. Locals, get down here on a Tuesday or Wednesday night and you’ll get a special dining deal just for living on the Sunshine Coast. Amen to that!

It’s a pretty safe call to say that Embassy XO could easily slip in and stand out on any city food scene, but for now, we’re pretty happy that it’s all ours. And it’s not going anywhere!

Where: Corner of Duke Street and Bryan Street, Sunshine Beach

Contact: 07 5455 4460

Image Credit: Daniel Hine

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