5 Picnic Spots You Might Not Know About

By Claire Plush
13th Jan 2016

It’s true, the Sunny Coast is pretty much a picnic lover’s dream with plenty a patch to roll out a blanket and then sprawl.

We even got lucky with the shiz you wanna take along on your picnic—fruit, local cheese, and wine, carrots (ain’t no dipper, like an orange dipper)—most of which can be ticked off your picnic list at the local farmers market.

Yep, here on the Coast we not only give you the locations to picnic at, we also give you the local goods for a delicious finger-food smorgasbord. And in our eyes, that equals picnic perfection. You’re welcome!

Now, while there’s loads of spots that are front-runners on the picnic scene, it’s also likely that 583902 other people think the same.

So we’re helping you up the chances of claiming a picnic posi all to yourself—and in turn, increasing the chances of D&Ms and a bit of canoodling—by sharing what we rate as five of the best picnic spots you might not know about.

They may not have the reputation as some of the big guns, but that’s what makes these five special.

Emu Mountain

Let’s start with a bit of trivia. Did you know Emu Mountain comes from Peregian Mountain which means “emu” in Aboriginal? Well, there you go! Onto round two…Did you know that this easy-to-climb mound is the perfect spot to have an afternoon picnic? Second lesson learned! Much quieter than its big bro Mount Coolum, this mountain sits just off the beach and gives super unfit walkers the chance to be graced with stunning vistas over the ocean, to Peregian Beach and Coolum Beach. There’s also hinterland views, which are lit up at sunset, and this is the side we suggest you perch to see out the day. It’s a little bit rocky, so if you’re lacking cushioning on your tush, maybe take a foldup chair.

James McKane Memorial Lookout

This one may not be a secret to the hinterland crowd but if you live on the coast, chances are you’ve never ventured up to Cooran’s James McKane Memorial Lookout. A prime picnicking posie for a group of friends, there’s plenty of grass to doze on once you’ve stockpiled all the brie, crackers, and hommus safely away in your belly.

Coolum Beach

Before you go jumping to conclusions, no I’m not going to say you should set up shop in Tickle Park. ‘Cause that would sure as hell dampen any kind of romance vibe you were trying to create. Instead, head past the showers outside the surf club and walk towards First Bay. You’ll have to manoeuvre yourself over the boardwalk but if you make it (which you totally will) you’ll find private grassy patches overlooking the ocean all to yourself. Best part? If it’s a spontaneous gathering or you’ve just forgotten everything, there’s a bunch of fish and chip shops to help you in the food department.

Shelly Beach

We’re adding this baby in, because as much as it’s not a secret, some people still have not visited this stunning Caloundra beach. Tending to be overshadowed by Moffat and Kings, this unpatrolled sandy stretch is perfect for picnic goers. No flags = no crowd. And for that we’re grateful. Swim, eat, sleep, repeat. Don’t forget an umbrella and some kind of floor covering, unless you like lobster skin to go with your sand-infested guacamole.

Point Cartwright

Across the river from the always-packed Mooloolaba, Point Cartwright is a much quieter haven where parklands meet the beach. Take a jaunt to the lighthouse, scoping out possible picnic spots along the way before throwing down your rug. Ask yourself, do you want to look at the beach? The river? Each other? Awww.

Image Credit: The Fresh Exchange

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