A Giant Buttermilk Chicken Burger Has Hit The Coast & It’s Bacon Us All Crazy!

By Caity Stone
31st May 2018

Good Bar sunshine coast

Have we got your undivided attention? Good. Because this is one epic eat you won’t want to miss.

The burger to rule them all has just landed on the Coast and it’s a winner, winner. Brought to you by the folks over at Good Bar, let us all take a moment for their June Dreamtime Burger, ‘Finger Licker’.  

That’s correct it’s called the ‘Finger Licker’ folks. 

Yep, it’s that good you’ll be licking your fingers after every moreish bite. ‘Cause let’s be honest, a burger isn’t a beauty unless its juiciness is running down your hand and making you look like an over-excited hot mess. Now what’s on this burg’, you might ask? It’s a tower of power loaded with mozzarella sticks, crispy bacon, double Jack cheese, a beef pattie, and BBQ sauce, with a decent lashing of aioli.

But that’s not where the fun ends and FYI we’re most excited about (and you should be too) the lack of bun and the addition of TWO fried Buttermilk chicken breast buns.

It’s a genius move that we’ve not seen before and the flavour combos are TO. DIE. FOR.

But like all good things, the Finger Licker burger is only available for a limited time, AKA until the end of June, so, if you feel like clogging those arteries while eating something that tastes freaking amazing, get on over to Good Bar, stat. Your only regret will be that you can’t fit in two of ‘em. But seriously, we’ll be disappointed if you don’t try.


What: Finger Licker burger
When: Available every day, until the end of June
Where: Good Bar, Shop 5, 19-23 First Avenue, Mooloolaba
Cost: $20

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Image credit: Good Bar 

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