Who Let The Pigs Out? We’ve Discovered A Dedicated Guinea Pig Shelter On The Coast, Squeal!

By Caity Stone
21st Aug 2018


Who doesn’t love guinea pigs? They’re pocket sized, adorable bundles of fun that squeal when they reach heightened levels of excitement. 

So, when we found out there was a dedicated guinea pig shelter on the Coast we squealed with excitement too! Let us introduce you to Miss Piggy’s, literally the cutest place on the Coast for your furry fix, and then some. 

When owner and founder, Beth Akin, discovered that some Sunshine Coast locals were tiring of their pet pigs and dumping them she knew she had to intervene, and Miss Piggy’s Guinea Pig Lair was born. 

Akin has since been taking in rescued pigs and rehoming them with loving families around the Coast. What a freakin’ awesome human! 

Currently available at the shelter is gorgeous George and his buddy Jones. This pair of brothers are looking for their furever home and love snuggles and mandarin treats. Maybe you don’t have the ability to adopt a little pet pig at the moment, but you can still donate to the shelter here. Just remember folks that when you purchase a pig you’re making a commitment for the lifetime of said pig. 

All the shelter information can be found here

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Image credit: Unsplash 

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