Trending | The New SuperFood You’ll Be Hearing About All Summer

By Victoria Sardain
13th Dec 2016

Summer is here, and along with it a brand new health food trend that’s taking over the country. And, in big news, it’s even reached the Coast.

But let’s rewind a little. Just when we thought we finally got the pronunciation of last year’s major health crush down-pat—ah-sigh-ee—a newcomer has waltzed in and we’re back to square one.

Yep, the classic Acai bowl is making way for the charcoal smoothie bowl. Charcoal, guys! Srlsy, what’s next? Drinking coffee that’s been pooped out by some animal? Oh wait, that’s already a thing.

Anyhoo, before you start spooning coals from your Sunday BBQ into your blender, listen up!

This new superfood is actually made of activated charcoal, where chemical-free charcoal is put through a specific heating process, causing its surface to be covered in tiny pores. These pores actually attract the gases and toxins in the body, causing them to bind and then be flushed out. Kinda magical, really.

Not only does activated charcoal help detoxify, but it can deodorise, disinfect, reduce bloating, and prevent hangovers. No wonder this stuff is all the rage in the wellness scene!

Activated charcoal was previously used in higher doses during medical emergencies to treat poisoning. But now, clever health nuts are using it in their toothpaste, drinking it in their lattes, and more than ever, swapping acai bowls for black charcoal bowls.

Mixing activated charcoal with a frozen fruity blend, topped with granola, and nuts is THE perfect summer refresher—trust us, we’ve tried it—not to mention the dark greyish colour looks cool AF. What’s not to love?

Keen to try one of these babies? We smashed back our first ever charcoal smoothie bowl at One Block Back in Moffat Beach. As far as we know, it’s the first on the Coast, so get there and be that annoying friend who tells your acai loving friend that they should reallllly try activated charcoal, because, health.

Image Credit: Amy Higg for Metropolist

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