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OMG! A Local Cafe Is Launching A Vegan Meal Delivery Service!

By Claire Plush
14th Dec 2016

Alright, so we know it’s a bit of a niche, but there’s actually a bunch of you who are vegan, and so for you, we’re breaking into your Wednesday happenings to share this pretty exciting news.

Come January, Nambour’s Coolihawk Café will launch their pre-made vegan meal delivery service. It’s a bit of a mouthful when we put it like that, but it’s actually way more simple than it sounds.

Basically, you browse over their menu, select your faves, place an order, and then they whisk their delicious vegan dishes to wherever you are on the Coast. Yay! We love a good side project and we can feel it in our waters that you lot are going to go cray for this one because a) it’s vegan and b) you don’t have to lift a single finger, except to hit “enter” on your keyboard when you’re locking it down.

We had a squiz over the first menu release and even us non-vegans are toying with the idea of testing it out in 2017. There’s a Mongolian stir-fry, pad thai with gluten-free noodles, and black bean enchiladas to name a few.

But perhaps the most shocking part of it all—in a good way—is that the meals are only $10 each. Sure, they’re a single serve (larger sizes to come!), but, TEN BUCKS, people! And delivery is free across the Sunshine Coast if you place an order over $50 (otherwise you’ll incur a $10 delivery fee). Geez, this is very, very reasonable.

All the fun kicks off when the first delivery is made on January 23, so if you’re time poor, indulge in animal-free food, or just hate to cook, you’ll need to get your order in between now and January 20 by sending Coolihawk a Facebook message. From then, every order must be made on a Friday before 6pm with deliveries on the following Monday. Easy peasy!

Even if you do eat meat or are a master in the kitchen, can we just take a moment to appreciate a small Sunshine Coast business doing something awesome? Alright, you can get back to whatever you were doing before we interrupted now. Happy Wednesday, folks!

Image Credit: Hot For Food

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