Your First Look At The Jungle In Moffat Beach!

By Claire Plush
8th Dec 2016

In what we’re calling the “right way to end the year”, our fave coffee maestros at The Pocket have thrown open the doors to their brand new space, The Jungle in Moffat Beach. And we’re bloody excited!

Essentially a flow-over of The Pocket (don’t worry they’re not going anywhere!), The Jungle literally sits right next door and is a much bigger space, catering to those people AKA us who like to hang around and take things slooowly.

We dropped in earlier today for a sneak peek at the summer-ready cafe slash bar, and got a wee bit pumped about all the weekend sesh possibilities.

Taking over what once was the village newsagency, owners Esther, her partner Scotty and brother Jonny have been hard at it, turning the aged interior into a tropical, Moffat-style oasis in three weeks. THREE weeks, guys! We should be should be shouting these dudes a drink!

There’s a bar area, large tables perfect for those impromptu gatherings, retro couches, a DJ box, and stools looking out to the ocean—oh, just so you know, we’ve got shotgun on these! Indoor plants are another big thing, with fiddle leaf figs and hanging planters making this place feel cruisy and coastal.

Much like their other ventures—The Pocket and Guru Life—The Jungle has personality plus and is as much about chilling in a fun atmosphere as it is about serving up delicious food and drink.

Speaking of which, The Jungle, although neighbours with The Pocket, will work a little differently. They’re connected, but not connected. So what does this mean for you fine folk? Basically, they’ll be serving takeaway coffee from 5.30am seven days a week (yep, they’ll be pumping ‘em out half an hour before The Pocket). Then, come 2.30pm, the good times will really start to roll with the bar kicking off service—hello cocktail jugs!—and a drool-worthy snack menu firing up.

Probs our fave thing about this whole scenario is that The Jungle will be open ‘til super late, with these guys locking down the ability to keep the lights on until 12am. Can we get a “whoop, whoop!”? (Sidenote: If you don’t live on the Coast, that IS super late for Moffs, okay?).

There’s so much more we could say about this place, but we wouldn’t wanna spoil it. Plus, there’d be no reason for you to visit, if you could live 100 per cent through us.

The Jungle will come alive for the first time Friday morning at 5.30am, so trek to the south and give this crew a high-five for making Moffs even cooler.

Where: 6 Seaview Terrace, Moffat Beach

Image Credit: Claire Plush for Metropolist

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