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Buckle In For An Adrenaline-Inducing Scenic Flight In These Aerobatic Biplanes

By Victoria Patapan
18th Jun 2020

A bright yellow airplane flying over mountains

International flights may be off the cards for the time being, but we’ve got something much more exciting up our sleeves. We’re talking about a heart-pumping, anxiety-inducing adventure sure to impress even the most hardened adrenaline junkie.

Rory Blanning and Douglas Field are the pilots behind Max Aviation, an aerobatic flying company that just launched in Caboolture. The duo are offering scenic adventure flights over Brisbane, Bribie Beach and Moreton Island for anyone looking to take their thrills to new heights (sorry, we had to). 

If you think you possess the necessary nerves of steel, the flight times range from 15 to 60 minutes, depending on what you want to see. You’ll be treated to aerobatic maneuvers like barrel rolls, fly loops, stall turns, not to mention inverted flight—yup, you read that right. You’ll be flying upside down. All in the comfort of a Pitts Special—an aerobatic biplane with an open cockpit, for unobstructed views of the world beneath you (or above you). You can even bring a friend along for the ride by booking a dual flight using a second aeroplane, so you can share the skies together. 

If you feel the need (the need for speed), head to the Max Aviation site to get the deets on what flights are on offer. Whether you’re a regular Maverick or prefer to keep the rolls to a minimum, Rory and Doug promise to tailor their flights so they’re suited to you. Let your adventure soar with a flight that will keep you on the edge of your seat. We’ll be cheering you on...with our feet firmly planted on the ground.

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Image credit: Max Aviation

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