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5 Sunshine Coast Beauty Brands You Need To Know

By Claire Plush
13th Nov 2015

You know about the push to shop local, right? It’s way better for the environment, the community and really, it feels pretty good knowing that you’re supporting a little business with real people behind it.

Here, on the Sunny Coast we’ve been dealt a pretty sweet hand when it comes to fresh produce, meat, seafood and even, local fashion labels whose threads we’d actually be caught alive wearing. But it doesn’t stop there!

Beauty brands are a whole ‘nother piece of the local pie that you might not be in on. So, we’re here to clear that up (and wave the Coast flag a little), as we throw open the doors to the Metropolist beauty cupboard and introduce you to five Sunshine Coast beauty brands you need to know about.


If you don’t want to lay down $50 for a natural moisturiser, you’re in the right spot! Saya is a Sunshine Coast skincare brand that offers plant-based products that are completely free of toxins, sulphates and synthetic colours, and affordable. Pretty much vegan-friendly (bar a goat milk soap) and created from ingredients sourced from Australian suppliers, it’s safe to say anything Saya is good enough to eat. Battlers of oily skin will lather on and love the Pure Plant Moisture ($28). To browse the range in person, drop by Noosa Farmers Market on a Sunday morning or head into Saya’s flagship store at Noosaville.

D + T

Five years ago, people would have laughed in your hairy face if you said you used beard oil. We’re not even sure it existed! But, my, how things have changed…or should we say, how they’ve grown. D + T is a new-ish Sunshine Coast beauty brand for the dudes who have spent hours, months or years cultivating their beard. Vegan and with beard? The D + T range contains no animal products and is 100% organic. It’s a bit of a niche, but with our bearded friends not threatening to shave off their strands of pride any time soon, these guys are on point.

Saya Beauty Sunshine CoastMukti

One of Australia’s first certified organic skincare brands and based in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland–Mukti, we’re in love! If you can look past the mandala-printed packaging (we know, it’s pretty, but time to move on), you’ll see there’s so much more to this luxurious eco beauty brand than meets the eye. Created in 2000, out of a natural therapist’s struggle to find a brand she’d happily recommend her clients, Mukti has been kickin’ it around the Australian beauty scene for over 15 years! Offering a range of skin and hair products that are packed with bioactive native Australian extracts and free from all the nasty stuff, you’ll be claiming this Sunshine Coast beauty brand wherever you go. If you’re unsure of what to burst your Mukti bubble with, get skin glowing with the Antioxidant Facial Serum. It’ll become a daily pick-me up that everyone will want in on!

Twenty-8 Essentials

Local brand Twenty-8 Essentials is all about self-care. And we love a bit of R&R, even if it comes in a bottle. This one-stop shop for natural skincare and aromatherapy oils, offers products that have psychological benefits as well as working their way beneath the skin to get busy at a cellular level. It sounds complicated, but that’s why this Sunshine Coast brand is making, and you, my friend, are taking.

Coconut Tree

Smell like summer all year round? We won’t say no to that! Based on 100% certified organic virgin coconut oil and then topped up with natural butters, essential oils and botanical extracts, Coconut Tree offers a range of skin and hair care products that will hydrate and nurture, and at the same time whisk you away to a beach somewhere (cocktail optional!). Favourite friend of the season? The Coconut Everyday Face Moisturiser + Sunscreen should be a mandatory handbag staple.

Image Credit: Marisa Taschke

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