Werk It | Your Sunshine Coast Fitness Bucket List

By Claire Plush
4th Jan 2016

Getting fit is an awkward endeavor that will see you become overly sweaty, get multiple wedgies (they’re not fun for anyone), and possibly turn into an outright bitch or asshole in the process, particularly while doing burpees.

Let’s face it, while being fit brings out the best in us, achieving it can bring out the worst in us. Especially, when it comes to the same old exercise routine. Blah!

Much like switching up your shampoo to keep your hair lusciously luscious, every fitness regime needs a hit of newness, every now and then.

And there’s no better way to get it, than with our 2016 Sunshine Coast fitness bucket list of the best ways and sessions to bring that taut tush, sexy back, and rosy cheeks back into your life. It’s time to werk it!

Barre Attack

If your childhood dancing days seem like a lifetime ago, it’s probably because they are. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rekindle the flame for music and movement. We’re loving Barre Attack at Sunshine Studio Pilates—a fusion of Pilates, ballet and fitness that’s as gruelling as the name sounds. On the upside, you’ll be one step closer to that perky derriere, sculpted arms and toned thighs. Now, plié.

Antigravity Aerial Yoga

Sounds intriguing, no? You may have seen photos around the interwebs of flexible-looking people hanging from what looks like silky hammocks and practising yoga upside down. You’ve found AntiGravity Yoga! Renowned for its ability to stretch and lengthen without applying stress to joints, give this style of yoga a whirl at Circ Studios, if you’re keen for a core and upper-body workout that’s as challenging as it is fun.

Mountain Biking

Not for the wimps or lovers of slow-paced exercise, mountain biking will give you an addictive shot of adrenaline that’ll leave you wanting more. There’s loads of mountain biking trails across the Sunshine Coast covering beginners to experienced. Not sure where to start? Take your wheels to Eumundi Regional Park or Parklands Regional Park. No wheels? No worries, Bike On has you covered.


Stand up paddleboarding has been flirting up a storm on the fitness scene for a couple of years now, so if you haven’t tried it yet, make 2016 the year you pop your SUP cherry. Once you’ve nailed the stomach to feet process and have found your centre balance, you can use your new mode of transport to discover the nooks and crannies of Pumicestone Passage, Noosa River and Maroochy River to name a few. Got balls? Take your new plaything out into the waves.


Want to exercise with your lover and still look sexy (or at least laugh your arse off trying to)? Then salsa, my friend, is the answer to your fitness dilemma. With a legion of beginner classes and salsa events across the region, you’ll be sent into a spin with this fast-paced dance style. Hello endorphin rush!

Open Water Swimming

Swimming pools are so 2015. Make the most of stunning beaches that stretch along the Sunshine Coast, and dive in to open water swimming this year. Not only will you save yourself the pool-induced pressure of keeping up the pace so the guy behind you doesn’t get a kick in the face, but you’ll also get to spot turtles and fish while marvelling at the amazing place we live in. If you’re one of those types that needs something to train for, then give yourself the tough goal of competing in the Mooloolaba Mile this March. You CAN do it!

Rock Climbing

Challenging? Tick. Rewarding? Tick. Exhausting? Tick. Scaling a rock wall is pretty much a full body workout, but because you’ll be concentrating so much on your next move, you’ll forget that your arms and legs are on fire. Novices will get a run-through from the team at Rockit, before climbing until they can climb no more. Fall in love at first climb? Become a member and for just $17 per week, you’ll get unlimited access to the climbing wall. Give it a couple of months, and you’ll be up there with Spiderman. Maybe. Not really.

Image Credit: Sky-Lab

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