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The Beauty Verdict | Noosa Brow Co.

By Claire Plush
11th Feb 2016

If eyes are the window to the soul, then eyebrows and lashes must be the curtain rods and drapes to said windows, which means if they’re drab and dusty and totally old school, they’re probably bringing your whole look down.

Which is why I find myself at Noosa Brow Co., feelin’ like I need to give two wayward and wild arches on my face a bit of love and attention.

I didn’t want to head to just any run-of-the-mill beautician, so after admiring from afar, I decide to try the Sunshine Coast’s first brow bar—Noosa Brow Co.

Owned and operated by brow aficionado Hannah Dahl, the Noosa River studio is making waves for being the best in the biz. Simply put, Hannah, along with her equally talented brow specialist Ashley, know brows like nobody else on the Coast.

So here we are, my eyebrows, their skills, and we’re going the whole way, baby.

What’s Gettin’ Done

A Custom Noosa Brow Co. Service ($70), which includes an in-depth brow consultation, a top and bottom brow wax, followed by a pluck and a tidy to create the ideal shape. Also included in the service, is a custom brow colour application. From there, we’re taking it to the lashes with a Lash Lift ($50) and Custom Noosa Lash Colour ($20).

Who should get their brows did?

Everybody! And that, my friends, is no exaggeration. If you’ve never had your brows done professionally, as in by a brow specialist (“I do it all” beauticians don’t count), then you’ve never seen the difference a careful re-shape and colour, can make to your face. From teens, to 80-year-old grannies, nobody’s face is off-limits or can’t be improved by a proper brow service.

How often should you get some brow love?

Four to six weeks in between brow services is ideal, but that depends on the growth of your hair and whether you’re chasing general upkeep or are seriously trying to kick some brow goals—taking thin lines to smouldery, thick brows. The beauty of this initial brow overhaul, is even if never go back again, you’ll have been gifted a shape you can maintain at home.

Okay, so what’s it really like?

First thing’s first, let’s talk about the studio. Located just off Noosa River, Noosa Brow Co. is an interior addict’s heaven. If minimalist-beach-chic, means something to you, that is what this place is. Pops of yellow, loads of white, hemp rugs, and a cute striped awning at the entrance, make this place totally Pinnable.

Now, onto the nitty gritty. Hannah starts off with the initial consult and chats with me about my brow goals. I haven’t really thought about it too much, so throw out some words which Hannah was (somehow) able to make sense of. Basically, tame, even, opened-up brows were ideas that I flagged. See what I mean. Rubbish. But Hannah gets it, even if I don’t.

After eyeing off my brows, and figuring out how to tackle the rogue hairs, Hannah waxes them, both on top and underneath. Yep, that old wives’ tale your mum used to tell you about not touching the hairs on the top of your brows is so wrong. This, in fact, is where the shape is created. Who’d a thought it? Definitely not yo’ mama.

Once the base shape is achieved, Hannah moves in with the tweezers, plucking like she’s painting a work of art, before mixing up a brow colour that will help to give sparser areas a fuller look.

From there, it’s all about the lashes with a Lash Lift and a colour. Make no mistake, this ain’t no 1990s lash perm. Put simply, where a lash perm lifts the lashes from the tips, curling them and subsequently shortening them in the process, the magic of the lash lift happens at the base of the lashes. Silicone rods are placed on my eyelids, followed by two lots of serum that curl my lashes up and over. When the serum comes off the lash tint goes on. The result; lifted, lengthened, curled, I-don’t-need-no-mascara lashes.

The Verdict

For someone who is pretty low maintenance when it comes to beauty, and mentally struggles to splash out on self-love treatments, I’ve can easily say that I’ve been convinced first-hand of the difference a set of shaped brows can bring to a face. I feel more polished, my eyes appear brighter, and my face looks more open. Plus, I feel like I’m done up, even when I’m not wearing any of make-up, which is pretty convenient on those can’t-be-bothered-to-do-anything mornings.

Let me put it like this for you. You’d spend 60 bucks getting a Brazilian and only one person (or maybe two, no judgement ) is going to see it. But your brows, they’re out in the world, on show, every goddamn day. So go spend the money, ‘cause it’s you’re totally worth it.

Image Credit: Rikki Lancaster for Metropolist

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